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Reiki for Eye Conditions

Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray

Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray. Copyright 2016. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Reiki for Eye Conditions is a very popular topic with our students and in this post we present you with an audio recording and transcript (created as accurately as possible) of Hawayo Takata explaining this type of Reiki treatment. It is helpful to learn what Takata (as she liked to be called), taught about using Reiki for eye conditions in order to gain more clarity and a deeper understanding of the use and practice of Reiki. Because Reiki has been largely passed on as an oral tradition, it has been vulnerable to changes and omissions.

(Note: Reiki for Eye Conditions Audio Recording and Transcript are protected by US and International Copyright Laws. Copyright 2016. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Transcript: Reiki for Eye Conditions

Question: I worked on my husband’s eyes for six days and all thought he felt things happening while I was working on him, his eyes did not improve, why? What can I do?

Hawayo Takata: Yes, because you did not treat all the glands of the body that cause—Reiki is the cause and effect, cause and effect. She treated perhaps only the affected part. But she forgot to treat the cause. And what is the cause is you have to treat one, two, three, four, and also the back, the complete treatment.

Because there are glands that are—especially if it’s a lady, it is the ovarian glands; and if it’s a man it’s the prostatic glands that need the treatment.

And she treated perhaps only the eyes. And in the eyes, you don’t have to treat only the eyes. (Reiki treatment for the eyes include:) Eyes, number one, number two on the side (temples), and number three on the back (occipital area–back of the head). (treating all three positions) One, two, three, that completes the eyes And so, try it again.

And then try it on the whole body and remove the cause. And also, it’s the diet. If you have not one, two cups of coffee, don’t hurt anybody. It’s a pleasure perhaps to take a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, but when you take fourteen to fifteen cups a day, then it deteriorates your kidney. I don’t care who says what. It’s not good for you; too much caffeine. And tea also, but when you drink tea, try it and go to the health food stores and get some good herb teas, that makes, that will cleanse you. It is a toxin in your system that deteriorates your body.

Note: According to John Harvey Gray, Hawayo Takata taught her students to always give complete (full body) Reiki treatments whenever treating long standing conditions. Takata often spoke of how the whole body is involved in the healing process when dealing with long-standing/chronic problems and of the importance of treating the entire body and not just the symptom areas. A Reiki treatment for eye conditions should include Reiki hand positions for the entire body and the 3 Reiki hand positions for the eyes: eyes, temples, and back of the head.


Emotional Set Points

What are Emotional Set Points?

emotional set points represented by happy, unhappy and neutral facesAn “Emotional Set Point” is a term created by John Harvey Gray to describe the emotional memories that develop in babyhood and early childhood. These memories follow us for the rest of our lives. They are created as we interact with the people in our lives. These include our parents, brothers and sisters, other family members, other children, and teachers. Emotional set points can be positive or negative. Emotional set points of love, confidence, and happiness are each examples of  positive ones. Anger, sadness, and anxiety are examples of the negative kind. As we go through life, we may not consciously remember the triggers that created our emotional set points. However, they’re still there!

We teach in our Reiki 1 classes that when a stressful situation happens that subconsciously reminds us of one of our emotional set points, emotions are triggered. When the situation passes, our emotions subside. This is normal. Then, when life again brings along another stressful situation, the emotions rise again. When the new situation passes the emotions again subside. These emotional ups and downs create waves of emotions that tend to stay with us throughout our lives. These emotional waves are normal for most of us. The problem begins when many stressful situations occur at the same time. This can change the emotional wave into a straight line. The straight line of negative emotional set points can then communicate to the body. It’s well known that angry people have more heart attacks. People with a set point of sadness are more vulnerable to catching an infectious condition.

A friend of mine, told me her story of never attending kindergarten and how that affected her life. She didn’t know until recently that it is in kindergarten that children bond with each other. Children who are deprived of attending kindergarten have a more difficult time relating to people throughout their lives. Not having attended kindergarten had created a negative emotional set point for my friend.

How Emotional Set Points Affect The Chakras

Reiki healing for chakras and emotional set pointsChakras are energy wheels of approximately one inch and a half in diameter. There are 7 principal chakras located along the midline of the body. Chakras perform 2 main functions: 1.)  Chakras provide us with energy to supplement what we receive from the food we eat and the air we breathe. 2.) Muscles surrounding the chakras hold  emotional memories. According to John Harvey Gray’s theory of Emotionality in the Chakras, it is the muscles surrounding the chakras, and not the chakras themselves, that hold the emotional memories, the emotional set points. When a person experiences a series of strong negative emotions, the body intuitively hardens those muscles in order to protect itself from feeling the emotion. This response creates a tourniquet effect around the corresponding chakra lowering its energy. Then, the glands and organs that receive their signal from that chakra would not be getting enough life force from the outside. This could create a greater vulnerability to future problems.

 Reiki Helps To Heal Emotional Set Points

Reiki is a harmonizing and balancing energy. Reiki works with the healing wisdom of the body. It is perhaps the gentlest of all healing energies. Reiki helps to balance the body at all levels. This includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As we apply Reiki to ourselves, using Reiki self healing, also known as Reiki self treatment, and continue to practice regularly, over time, Reiki helps to heal our negative emotional set points. We must always remember to be patient. Reiki acts only when we are ready to receive. It never forces change, yet waits patiently for the right time, the moment when we are ready, to do its work. Reiki addresses the root cause, healing the old emotional set points and restoring balance and health to the self. The process is very simple.

John Harvey Gray’s Secret To Healthy Aging

Over our many years together, I watched John Harvey Gray tell our Reiki students about the benefits Reiki

John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray

John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray

self-treatment would provide for a long and healthy life. John would explain, “ Reiki helps to bring balance and healing to all aspects of the self … physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.” He would continue, “Practice Reiki self-treatment every day. If at the end of six months, you do not feel significantly better, then quit if you want to. I’ve outlived all members of my family by many years, but it is not how long one lives that really matters. What really counts is the quality of one’s life.”

I often heard John say those words and knew they were true. However, John’s many years of practicing Reiki had also brought out another ability in him that significantly contributed to John Harvey Gray’s  secret to healthy aging. It was his practice of being truly in the present. John had learned how to live in the moment, finding delight in all the little things that take place in daily life … working in his vegetable garden, going for a car ride, cooking breakfast, spending time together with me, relaxing around the house, going to the bank and saying hello to the bank teller. Everyone loved him. The bank tellers would later tell me that whenever John walked into the bank, that was the highlight of their day. John truly enjoyed being in the present, finding joy in simple moments. He would bring a smile to anyone he met. John touched many lives … he was not just living, he was truly alive.

Of course, life brought challenges, but I never saw John dwell on the past nor worry about the future. Whenever facing a future challenge he would say “Why not think of the future in the way you would like it to be and send that energy forward?”

There’s an old Taoist tale about a man who is being chased by a tiger. He comes to the edge of a cliff and jumps. This leaves him dangling in the air, half way down the cliff, hanging for dear life from a small branch. The man can’t climb back up because the tiger is waiting for him at the top. He can’t climb down because now there’s another tiger at the bottom of the cliff, also waiting for him. To make matters worse, two rats appear, one black and one white, and start gnawing on the branch. The man realizes that if the rats keep gnawing, the branch won’t be able to support his weight and he will fall. Suddenly, the man sees a red plump juicy strawberry growing on the cliff, not far from him. He loosens his grip on the branch, hangs onto the branch with one hand and with the other seizes the strawberry… eats it, and finds it delicious.

The tiger at the top represents the past, to which we can never return. The tiger at the bottom represents the future, which will eventually lead to death. The branch represents the present moment that lies between the past and the future. The two rats, one back and one white, represent the passage of time … night and day. The rats gnaw at the branch, making it weaker, bringing the man closer to death. The strawberry represents all of the amazing beauty and gifts that life makes available to all of us every day. To pick the juicy strawberry is to seize the present moment, to be awake, to be alive and enjoy all of the amazing gifts, big and small, that life brings to each of us every single day … no matter what else is going on in our lives at that time. Knowing how to live in the present moment, was truly John Harvey Gray’s secret to healthy aging … his gift to me and to all of his students.

Reiki Hand Positions for The Heart and Lungs

Although Reiki works beautifully along with the natural healing wisdom of the body, whenever addressing serious problems on the chest, it is always helpful to add extra Reiki hand positions for the heart and lungs in order to strengthen the benefits of your Reiki session.

John Harvey Gray taught his students the following Reiki hand positions for the heart and lungs anytime a serious problem was present on the chest area. These problems could include coronary heart disease, lung or breast cancer, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, the flu, a chest cold or something else. We continue to teach the Reiki hand positions for the heart and lungs in our Reiki 1 Class.

Here’s how to do the Reiki hand positions for the heart and lungs:

Since the positions I’m about to share involve placing your hands on the client’s chest, it is important that you first describe the treatment to your client and ask permission to treat that area of the body. Some people are more modest than others and/or may feel uncomfortable. Explain to your client that you will place a barrier over the chest, and stress that your hands will rest only on the barrier … never on the chest. The barrier that you choose could be a comfortable narrow pillow, folded towel or folded blanket. You may want to ask your client to select the barrier from those you have available. If the client agrees, then place a barrier over their chest while you use the technique.

4 easy steps for the Reiki hand positions for the heart and lungs:

  1. Have the client lie down on his or her back. Place the chosen barrier on the chest. Check to see if the client is comfortable. Adjust if needed. Place your hands palms down on either side of the front of the chest. Your fingers should be together. Thumbs should touch. You are treating the heart, lungs, breast, and thymus gland. Stay in this position 5 to 7 minutes. We call this position 6a.
  2. Repeat this position on the opposite side of the front of the chest. You are treating the same glands and organs, which are located on the opposite side of the chest. Stay in this position 5 to 7 minutes. We call this position 6b.
  3. Next, still facing the chest, place one hand over one of the two axillae (under the arms) and with the other hand, cover the lateral ribs. You are now giving Reiki energy to the lymph nodes, and in addition, to the breast, heart, and lungs, from the side. Stay in this position 5 to 7 minutes. We call this position 6c.
  4. Repeat 6c on the other side of the chest. You are now giving Reiki energy to the opposite side of the chest. You are addressing the glans, organs and lymph nodes, which are located on the opposite side of the chest. Stay here 5 to 7 minutes. We call this position 6d.

For best results use this technique along with a complete Reiki treatment on a regular basis until the symptoms subside.  Note: Always treat both sides of the body even when the problem is located only one one side. Doing so will keep the energy flow even and protect the healthy side.



Reiki Hand Position for the heart and lungs 6-a

Reiki Hand Position for the heart and lungs 6-a

Reiki hand position for the heart and lungs 6-b

Reiki hand position for the heart and lungs 6-b

reiki hand position for the heart and lungs 6-c

reiki hand position for the heart and lungs 6-c

reiki hand position for the heart and lungs 6-d

reiki hand position for the heart and lungs 6-d

Chakra Meditation for Opening and Balancing The Chakras

Chakra-MeditationThis Chakra Meditation was created by John Harvey Gray. We often use this Chakra Meditation in our Reiki 1 Class to bring students into a quiet place and to help them open and balance their chakras. We suggest that you go through the Chakra Meditation five or more times on a regular basis in order to obtain best results. If you prefer to listen to the Chakra Meditation as you practice it, we have it available for purchase.

Here’s How To Practice The Chakra Meditation:

  • Close your eyes – Breathe slowly and evenly through your nose. In and out, breathing into your center of consciousness and out through your nose ……

  • Breathing evenly, perhaps no break between the in-breath and the out-breath ……

  • As you breathe, visualize that you are picking up petals of love from your center of consciousness and breathing them out your nose as love energy ……

  • Breathe in, now, and breathe out through your crown chakra. Into your center of consciousness and love energy out the crown chakra ……

  • Breathe in, now, and breathe love energy out through your brow chakra – your third eye – Look up at your third eye through your closed eyes if you wish ……

  • Send love energy out your throat chakra, now. Release and relax muscle memories of past sadnesses centered around the throat ……

  • Now breathe petals of love out the heart chakra. Fill the room with petals of energy from your heart center ……

  • Breathe out through the solar plexus chakra. Release and relax muscle memories of past fears, past anxieties centered around this chakra ……

  • Breathe out through the lower abdominal chakra, just below the navel. Open this center with your petals of love so it can funnel in more life energy from the outside ……

  • Now breathe through the root chakra, located between the genitals and the anus. See the root chakra opening fully, so it too can funnel in more life energy from the outside ……

  • Breathe out through the feet. Visualize yourself standing tall, feet firmly planted on the ground, knowing who you are and what you represent. Allow energy from Mother Earth to flood up through your feet into your solar plexus, where it joins with the energy from Father Sun flooding down through your crown to create a tremendous furnace of personal power ……

  • Now breathe the petals of love out through all chakras at the same time ……

  • As you prepare to conclude the meditation, count down slowly and steadily from 10 to 1. As you progress in the count you will become progressively more awake, alert, and happy – feelings that will continue through the day. When you reach the number 1 all of your five physical senses will be operating cleanly, clearly, sharply and beautifully. Wiggle your fingers and toes to stimulate circulation, and have a good stretch ……

The Chakra Meditation is over.

Hawayo Takata Explains How to Give a Reiki Treatment

Hawayo Takata explains how to give a Reiki treatment

Hawayo Takata teaching Reiki class. Copyright 2015. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Hawayo Takata explains how to give a Reiki treatment. The practice of Reiki has grown exponentially since Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American woman, first introduced Reiki to the United States in the 1930s. Because Reiki has been largely passed on as an oral tradition, vulnerable to changes and omissions, it is helpful to learn what Takata (as she liked to be called), taught about Reiki in order to gain more clarity and a deeper understanding of its practice.

One of the most common questions in need of clarification is “Where should I start the Reiki treatment … from the torso or from the head?” There has been much confusion regarding where Takata began her Reiki treatments on her clients. Some Reiki practitioners believe that Takata always began on the client’s head. Others believe that she started on the front of the torso. She actually began with both of her hands placed on the front of the client’s torso.

In order to shed some light and help clarify this question, we are presenting an excerpt from our library of private recordings of Hawayo Takata. These recordings were made by John Harvey Gray, with Takata’s permission, while he was training under her to become a Reiki Master.  The audio recording was taped in 1975, and in some parts is a little difficult to hear. We have done our best to keep the transcription as authentic as possible in order to preserve its integrity.

Audio Recording by Hawayo Takata explaining how to give a Reiki treatment

This audio file is the property of Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved.

Transcription of audio recording by Hawayo Takata explaining how to give a Reiki treatment

Takata: “Now, in the treatment, Reiki treatment is very simple, and we will be repeating and repeating the same thing over and over again, but this is for (unintelligable). One, two, three, four, the Foundation Treatment, there’s no difference than any other time, you start with the Foundation Treatment: one, two, three, four. (Note: Takata called the first four positions on the front of the torso “The Foundation Treatment.”)

So, when this is finished, then the fever, you go up to the chest. To the lungs. One, and two, and three, and four. And by this time, when you have given enough time and a good treatment, they begin to perspire. And then turn the patient over; treat the back of the lungs again. You have finished the front and you treat the back of the lungs. One, two, and then the kidneys—(mumbling to someone)—and then, right into the back. It’s a complete treatment. There’s no such thing as partial treatment.

In Reiki, you do the front and the back—complete treatment, and then do the rubbing—the circulation, you have to raise the circulation in order to give the blood a good chance for circulation and also the legs. The legs; rub up, rub up. Now, how long do you take this? One hour in the front, or, forty-five minutes in the front, if you can do this half an hour for the Foundation Treatment in the front, and then the chest, another twenty minutes, turn over, and the back of the chest: one, two, three, and four. When this is done, then you start running the circulation, the nerves in the ’s back, and that is a complete treatment. So take about hour an a half.

When you do hour an a half Reiki, no matter where you treat, he has had plenty of energy, plenty of Reiki, so he has to get well. And in case of cough or pneumonia, which is also fever, then you turn the patient halfway to the side. Then you treat in the pleura, all the front and the back of your lungs and to the side of your lungs. This side and then turn the other side and do the same thing and that will take care of the cough. But if you do have lots of mucous, you have to have an outlet for the mucous. An outlet for the mucous, number one. Be sure that you prevent yourself from creating mucous. And the worst thing to eat and drink is to drink milk.

When you have cows’ milk that is an animal drink. And even ice cream, has nothing but milk and sugar. With all this mucous forming things are prevented from entering your body, you will have less mucous. And so, be careful about your diet. Now, many people will argue and say that, “Milk is calcium. What are you going to substitute milk for?” And when you want to know what is the best drink, besides milk—there is a vegetable milk, called the soy milk. Drink soy milk and there’s no mucous. Soy milk gives you protein and calcium, and lots of lecithin, which help your brain. It’s good for your children. And milk, I do not condemn. But milk should be drunk with people with very very good stomachs. And should be in between.”

Reiki Hand Positions

Hawayo Takata, the Japanese-American woman who brought Reiki to the West, always recommended giving a full-body Reiki session for long-standing chronic health conditions. She said, “There is no such thing as a partial Reiki treatment. Reiki is a system.” (Meaning to administer Reiki as it is a system of Reiki hand positions.)

Since there seems to be a gap of knowledge in this area for many Reiki practitioners, we thought is would be helpful to present a series of posts on Reiki hand positions in order to help bridge the gap. The Reiki hand positions included in this series are the Reiki hand positions taught by Hawayo Takata in her classes and subsequently adopted by John Harvey Gray.

When appropriate, we will include in the description of the Reiki hand positions photos of the positions and excerpts of audio recordings of Hawayo Takata talking about Reiki. These recordings are from our private collection and are not available anywhere else.  Please subscribe to our blog in order to be notified each time a post is published. Thank you!



Trinity Center First Reiki Center in the USA

For this week’s “Throw Back Thursday,” we have a card from The John Harvey Gray Center’s Historical Collection. It is a Trinity Center business card circa 1976. Trinity Center was the First Reiki Center in the main land USA. It was located in Redwood City, CA.

You can see on the back of the card Hawayo Takata’s name along with John Harvey Gray’s. John Harvey Gray was one of the original 22 Reiki Masters created by Hawayo Takata.  Trinity Center’s pastor was the Rev. Beth Gray, also one of the original 22 Reiki Masters. At that time,Trinity Center was considered a major center for metaphysical studies and hosted many important figures such as author James Redfield, who wrote the “The Celestine Prophecy,” author and teacher Jeffrey Mishlove, host of the very popular TV series “Coast To Coast,” and of course, Hawayo Takata.

Hawayo Takata together with John Harvey Gray taught numerous Reiki classes at Trinity Center and established the first Reiki share there.

Trinity Center First Reiki Center USA reiki ideals

Copyright 2015. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.








Trinity Center First Reiki Center in USA

Copyright 2015. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Hawayo Takata Speaks On Healing Reactions

Dear Reiki Friends,

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to You! We, at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing send you our warmest wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2015.

On this New Year’s Day, we thought you would enjoy listening to a very special audio recording of Hawayo Takata directly from our private collection.
Takatayellow.jpegFor this post, we have selected one of the questions from Takata’s question and answer audio recording series to present to you.  The subject is healing reactions. Takata, as she liked to be called, often illustrated her teachings with colorful stories. This particular question and answer session was recorded by John Harvey Gray at the Trinity Center in 1975.  John Harvey Gray was the first Reiki Master trained by Hawayo Takata in California, and the third Reiki Master trained by her in the West.  At the time these audio recordings were made at Trinity Center, John was a Reiki Master in training with Takata.  Reverend Beth Gray, was also master of ceremonies for the programs held there.  The audience was made up of Reiki students living in the San Francisco Bay Area, who were also members of Trinity Metaphysical Center.  They were also all students of Takata.  Takata was the only Reiki Master in the West teaching at that time.

Takata was the guest speaker for that Sunday evening program at the Trinity Metaphysical Center.  The program that evening consisted of a question and answer session, and the persons asking the questions were the members of the audience.  The Reverend Beth Gray presented the questions to Takata.

Because we believe it is vital to maintain the complete integrity of the original  Takata recordings, it has been presented here verbatim.  Any inaudible sounds (word or words) have been noted.  The response to the question, provided by Takata, is presented here in its entirety.

This recording, “Hawayo Takata Speaks on Healing Reactions” and its transcription are protected by U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL Copyright Laws and may not by copied or duplicated in any form. Copyright 2014 Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Reverend Beth Gray:  “Will you speak about reactions?”

Hawayo Takata:  “Yes.  Reactions are active.  Now, very few people will have a reaction after one treatment, but if they are very, very ill, they may.  And when reactions come, don’t panic.  But most people will say, ‘Oh, they made me worse.’  But when you feel that you have become worse, that means the whole body has taken effect.  The pure, the (inaudible word), the Reiki is beginning to cleanse you.  And so, the internal organs, the twenty-eight feet of intestines, will be cleansed, and you will start to have diarrhea, and fever.  Now, especially in the chronic arthritis cases, when you have lots of calcium in your body, if your body does not burn, or raise fever, you cannot get the calcium to dissolve.  And so by treating it, and when your body temperature rises, you may have fever for four or five days.  But all during the time, the calcium begins to dissolve.  And it may come out through your urine, through your bowl.

Sometimes it forms a great big sore anywhere.  It could be on the knees, it could be on the elbow, a great big ripe tomato-like, and that’s filled with dissolved calcium.  And this patient asked me, ‘Mrs. Takata, what do you do (inaudible word), fork, knife, or a needle?’  I said, ‘No.  We Reiki.  We just treat.  We are not surgeons.  We are not doctors.  So all we have to do is to treat, and we’ll leave it up to nature, and see what happens.  But be sure to have a double bed sheet by your feet.  Someday this is going to burst.’  And while treating, this became very, very raw, and then it burst.  And, you know, the force of this ripe tomato was so hard that it splashed, not only the walls, but to the ceiling.  He grabbed the sheet, put it on, and then I squeezed it, and then it drained for five to seven days.  And before, the hole was that big, but before it completely healed, I told him,  ‘Now that your swelling from your feet and your thighs and legs and all your arms have gone, and you can walk now without pain, please go to your doctor, and check with him and tell him about this.’  So, he did.  And the doctor was very, very happy.  And of course, while the doctor was examining and looking at the hole, he squeezed it.  And when he squeezed it, something like cottage cheese jumped out.  And that was all the calcium that had gathered from the body. 

Now, this man had 13 years of arthritis, and he was not an old man.  He was only about 45 years old.  But he was unable to work.  He was bedridden …  bedridden.  And pain, pain, pain.  So, when you entered his home, on the door it says, ‘Please, do not slam the doors.  The screen door has rattles, so please do not slam.  Please, do not turn on the TV.’  Everything that (has) vibrations (she claps), even that hurt him more.  And so when he got well, he did get well to a perfection.  And he lost … he was about 175 pounds, and he came down, and he minused, he minused about 35 pounds.  And so he could wear his wedding suit at that time, and he went to the doctor, and showed him, and said, ‘This is where it came out.’  And the doctor said, ‘If this had covered the whole surface,’ he said, ‘I would not have believed it. 

But seeing is believing, and I’m very happy you had the sense to come when this was still (inaudible word).’  And the first thing I told him, I said, ‘Every Sunday, you used to argue with your wife.  Your wife said, ‘Let’s go to church.’  And he said, ‘Oh, I have to go fishing.’  And he would say, ‘Today, I have to clean my yard.’  And then he always had some kind of alibi, but never went to church.  And so, I say to him,  ‘Now that you have gone to the doctor, and find yourself okay, the first thing you are going to do is to go to the house of God, and thank God.  Take your wife down.’  It was only two blocks … that was the Episcopalian church.  And so I said, ‘Wear your shoes and your Sunday clothes, take your wife’s arm, and walk to the church, now that you can walk.  And, you walk right to the altar, and then, bow your head, and then thank God for having mercy, and grace, and for the, healing.’  I said, ‘It was through God power, that you were healed, and, it was not (inaudible word), I only gave you the time.’  And then, the wife followed the diet.  And so, in 30 days, 13 years of arthritis was absolutely gone.  And so, that is another happy, happy story.  But it ended it.  You have to remove the cause, and then the effect.  No effect … if you remove the cause there shall be no effect.”

Reiki Treatment For Stroke

reiki treatment for strokeThe Reiki Treatment for Stroke hand position was developed by John Harvey Gray as a Reiki treatment for stroke and for other neurological disorders. Include this hand position anytime the brain is unable to properly communicate with the muscles in the body, e.g., stroke, MS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.The effectiveness of the Reiki treatment for stroke hand position lies in that your hands rest directly over the brain’s motor muscle cortex–delivering Reiki healing energy directly to the affected area. This is the part of the brain that communicates with the muscles in the body. We teach this hand position in our Reiki 1 class.


Mental and Emotional Reiki Treatments Before Surgery. Tip #3

Providing Mental and Emotional Reiki Treatments Prior To Surgery

If you are Reiki II or above, give a Reiki mental and emotional treatment for the surgery. Start the Reiki sessionIMG_1725-e1395102232952-224x300 with the first pattern on the front of the torso.

In the 2nd pattern (the head area) open the SHK channel (draw CKR, SHK, CKR) and say silently “this is my higher self speaking to your higher self.” Then, visualize the surgery going well and the person recovering completely, as if you were watching a movie. At the end of the second pattern, say silently “amen” or “so be it.” This closes the channel.

Then, process with the rest of the Reiki treatment on the 3rd pattern, the back of the torso, the back of the knees and feet.

Note: It is YOU who does the visualization. The “client” just relaxes and enjoys the treatment.

The SHK channel not only addresses the mental/emotional side of a condition. It is also a communications channel. By using the channel in the manner described here you are helping the mind and body of the client prepare for the surgery. You may use this technique every time you give the client a Reiki session.

Reiki Treatment Before Surgery. Tip #2

How Long To Stay In Each of The Reiki Positions

Before surgery, if you are doing one hour long Reiki sessions, divide your time between positions so that you John-Harvey.1-207x300spend 5 to 7 minutes over problem areas and 2 to 3 minutes over non-problems areas.

If you are doing Reiki sessions shorter than one hour long the same principle applies. It’s more effective to deliver Reiki to the entire body than to just concentrate your time in one or two spots.

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