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Aquamarine: Throat Chakra Power Stone

Aquamarine — Throat Chakra Power Stone and Healing Partner to Reiki

Aquamarine ClusterAquamarine is one of the major power stones and a great healing partner to Reiki. It is the stone of courage, determination, strength, communication, and success. Use is during a Reiki session to enhance creative self-expression and to help those burdened with great responsibility by bringing strength and clarity of mind.
Aquamarine is a variety of beryl and is attuned to the ocean and provides those who meditate with it a soothing calming energy. Have it near you during your Reiki meditations.

Aquamarine protects those who travel on water. Carry it on your person in a pouch or as a bracelet, pendant or ring.

Aquamarine and Lapis Bracelet

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It releases anxiety, restlessness and fights depression. As a throat chakra stone, aquamarine is excellent for enhancing and aiding all types of communication. It stimulates, activates, and cleanses the throat chakra as well as the two upper chakras (brow and crown).

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for reaching the higher spiritual levels, and at the same time, remaining centered and grounded.

Aquamarine is the stone of service to the planet. It brings success in any goal by helping you stay focused and persistent on your goal. It is helpful for conditions of the throat, spleen, heart, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes.

Cleansing Your Stone

Aquamarine LotAquamarine loves to be cleansed in water! Place your crystal under cold running water from your sink or facet. Hold it under the running water for 10 to 30 seconds. If it has a terminated end, it should be pointing downwardly as you rinse the crystal in order to disperse the negative energy. Afterwards, gently pat the crystal dry.

Placing your crystal (securely) in a stream (or river), or in the ocean surf is an excellent way or cleansing this stone.

Charging your stone with Reiki

Cleanse your crystal first. Next, place each of your hands approximately one inch away from the crystal(s) and imagine a current of Reiki healing energy moving through your hands and filling up the crystal(s). Now, imagine the crystal(s) glowing with Reiki healing energy and hold your hands in position as you continue to imagine the energy flow for approximately 10 minutes.


We are doing a series of posts on the best stones to carry in your Reiki crystal first aid kit.  Rhodonite is right at the top of the list. Rhodonite is the stone of compassion and emotional balance. Its energy frequency resonates with the heart chakra. It is the stone of self-love, self-forgiveness, emotional balance. This stone promotes calm in dangerous or upsetting situations.

Rhodonite Properties and Usage

rhodoniteRhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past. It is one of the best stone for treating physical injuries. In cases of physical injuries, seek medical attention when needed. After applying first aid to the area, apply the rhodonite stone directly over the injury. Hold the stone in your hands as you apply Reiki to the area.

Rhodonite nurtures love, stimulates, clears and activates the heart chakra. It grounds and protects your energy bodies. It balances your yin and yang polarities. It helps you achieve your highest potential. It heals emotional shock and panic. Use rhodonite for cases of emotional self-destruction. Also, in cases of codependency and abuse. This stone promotes the ability to remain calm in dangerous or upsetting situations. Carrying a piece of rhodonite with you or wearing a rhodonite bracelet is very helpful when confidence is needed. Use it also when you need to bring about clarity and alleviate confusion.

Cleansing Your Stones

Proper cleansing of stones is very important for their ability to work properly for you. There are many ways of cleansing stones. One of the simplest way is to rinse the stone under cold running water for approximately 3 minutes. Allow the cold water to run over the stone. This will discharge any stagnant energy it may carry. Afterwards, pat the stone dry with a paper towel. Note: Some stones such as selenite and blue kyanite are self cleansing and should not be washed.

Charging Your Stone with Reiki

Stones can be charged with Reiki. The healing effects of Reiki and the healing properties of the stone work synergistically to produce powerful results. After properly cleansing your stone, place it between your hands and charge it with Reiki for approximately 10 minutes.

How Often Should You Cleanse and Charge Your Stones?

You should cleanse and charge your stones according to how often you use them. If you are using your stones daily, cleanse and charge them daily. Otherwise, cleansing and charging the stones once or twice per week should be sufficient.

Learn more about Rhodonite and many other stones at our upcoming Reiki Crystal Healing Certification.


Selenite a Calming and Balancing Stone for Reiki Healing

Selenite wand

Selenite is a great partner for Reiki healing because of the many ways by which it can be used. It is considered a very high-energy crystal and at the same time it also regarded as a very calming stone. Use it during a Reiki session to bring calm and balance to your client.

In meditation, it connects the user with his or her inner truth. It is used to calm and clear the troubled or confused mind. It is used for the advancement of the mind and its mental powers. It aids in telepathy, scrying (crystal ball reading) and astral projection. (Note: Do not soak selenite in water. Selenite is self-cleansing. You do not need to cleanse it.)

Selenite is a variety of gypsum composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. It quickly activates the Third Eye, Crown Chakra and Transpersonal Point. The intensity of energy delivered by Selenite is greater than any other stone for the upper Chakras, yet it is very gentle and safe to use along with a Reiki treatment. Selenite placed in any room will quickly cleanse the area of all negative energies, filling it with positive, healing and protective energies.

Selenite Wands

A wand pointed at the Third Eye during a Reiki treatment sends energy that can feel like a gust of wind going through the forehead and out the top of the head. Selenite instantly cleanses the auric field and clears negative energies from ones physical and Etheric Bodies and can be used during the scanning process prior to giving a Reiki session.  Placing a wand along ones back, during the 3rd Reiki pattern, along the length of the spine, one can achieve an energetic alignment of the vertebrae and the Chakras as well.

These wands can also be used to direct high-frequency-energy into the body, stimulating physical healing as part of a Reiki treatment. When one attaches other stones to selenite wands, their energies are magnified many times.

The wands can be used as “Magic Wands” or “Prayer Sticks” which carry one’s intentions and thoughts to the Higher Self and beyond. These are useful tools for Reiki healers as they are ideal for purification and all types of energetic cleansing. Selenite wands are effective as “scanners” within the energy field, as they dissolve any blockage and allow one access to knowledge of its spiritual origins!

I make one of a kind selenite wands. If you are interested in purchasing a wand made specially for you, please send me, Lourdes, an email and I’ll be happy to make you one.


The video below presents a short lesson on how to use the wand in a Reiki session.

Clear Quartz The Perfect Gemstone Partner for Reiki Healing

Clear Quartz — Crown Chakra (Sahasrata) All Chakras (Formation — Primary)

Key Words: Amplification, Clearing, Cleansing, Healing, Programming.

We teach our students in the Reiki Crystal Healing class that clear quartz is the perfect gemstone partner for Reiki healing. Because of its clarity and crystalline structure, it is clear-quartzable to transmit and amplify the Reiki energy beautifully. Clear quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It draws off negative energies of all kinds. It cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies. It stimulates the immune system and brings the chakras into balance by aligning them with the subtle bodies and the aura. When faceted, it can be programmed for a variety of purposes because of the way it grows inside the earth.

Clear quartz forms directly from minerals in the magma, a very hot stew of rocks and minerals, deep inside the earth. Pressure and heat from the center of the earth cause cracks to occur in the earth’s crust, forming a mold into which the magma seeps in. Over the next several million years the magma, which had already seeped into the crack, cools down and crystallizes into a beautiful quartz crystal.

It takes a very long time for minerals to form into beautiful crystals. When clear quartz is a molten state, its minerals are just the potential for becoming beautiful crystals. It takes a lot of energy (heat and pressure) from the earth, the passage of time, and the room to grow in order for the clear quartz to grow. This type of rock formation is called igneous or primary formation. Igneous stones form directly from the magma deep inside the earth.

 How Does Clear Quartz Help Us?

We grow and develop in very much the same manner as clear quartz does. Genetic traits we inherit from our parents influence our personalities, abilities and talents and can be compared to the clear quartz when it is in a molten state deep inside the earth. These traits exist within us as potentials. It takes years of growing and learning for the potentials to be expressed to one extent or another. First, we need to spend the time and energy to learn, and have the room to grow before the potentials can become established as personality traits, abilities and talents. For instance, it makes no difference if we are born as talented a painter as Rembrandt was, were we never to pick up a brush and paint. Or if we have the musical talent of a Mozart and we never pick up an instrument and play.

Igneous rocks and crystals, such as clear quartz are the best choice when you are learning new things, growing and developing your abilities and talents. Igneous rocks and crystals provide you with the right energy to support your growing and learning processes.

Amethyst Crystal Healing and Reiki

Amethyst crystal healing and reikiAmethyst crystal healing and Reiki work together wonderfully during Reiki treatments. This is because amethyst holds a high vibration and has an affinity for the healing frequencies of Reiki. Its color holds the highest vibration of the brow chakra, making amethyst the perfect companion for your meditation practice. In fact, many consider amethyst to be the master stone for the brow chakra. We teach how to combine amethyst crystal healing and Reiki in our Reiki Crystal Healing Class.

Amethyst is very protective, it raises your personal energy to a level where negative energies cannot resonate with you and hurt you. When used for protection from negative energies, combine amethyst with moldavite for highest effectiveness. Amethyst’s calming influence aids the self in cultivating a deep state of meditation and healing. Use amethyst during reiki treatments to create a beautifully synergistic effect of healing and love energies. Amethyst is used for tension and migraine headaches, insomnia, stress relief for those who are overworked and overstressed, and to help calm the emotions of persons who tend to get upset easily.

Conditions that are helped by amethyst crystal healing and Reiki

Amethyst is very helpful for people suffering from frequent nightmares. Place an amethyst over each eye to treat tired eyes. Place a small piece of amethyst in the palm of each hand and apply your hands to your eyes as you deliver reiki self-treatment. Combine amethyst and sugilite for treating addictions. Amethyst amplifies the energy of other stones, and can be used together with other stones, for healing purposes. Amethyst helps you identify and integrate your soul lessons. It is one of the best stones to carry and meditate with. Amethyst is also a great stone to use along with rose quartz to calm and soothe the mind and body.

Remember, stones absorb the energy of their surroundings as well as generate energy.  If left uncleansed your amethyst would soon become congested and stop working for you. You’ll need to cleanse your amethyst regularly. The best and easiest method for cleansing your amethyst is to rinse it under cold running water for a few minutes, then gently pat it dry with a paper towel. Repeat this process at least three times per week. Also, remember to keep your amethyst out of direct sunlight for amethyst can be damaged by the rays from the sun.

Red Jasper Protective and Grounding

photo-150x150Red jasper, a stone typically associated with the root chakra energy, is one of the most effective stones you could use to protect your own energy system when you are confronted with negative energies of any kind. Some of the protective qualities of red jasper can be attributed to the way red jasper is formed.


Red jasper is a sedimentary stone. Sedimentary stones are created under the influence of  external factors such as sun, rain, wind, heat, cold and frost. These factors erode and transport minerals from one area to another, and over time, sometimes millions of years, create new stones. Sedimentary stones carry within, the energy of external factors. When external factors such as career, family, friends, climate, etc., are causing negative influences in your life and your health, work with sedimentary rocks and crystals such as red jasper to bring balance and healing to yourself and to your environment.

What are the healing properties red jasper can offer you?

Red jasper gives you the courage to speak out. It is a very helpful stone to have with you if you are in a stressful situation. Red jasper also balances and heals the human aura by removing negative energies. It strengthens your aura and grounds your energy system. Red jasper strengthens the root chakra and increases your personal energy or chi. It stabilizes your energy pattern thereby helping both your physical and emotional bodies come into balance.

Whenever you encounter a negative energy, red jasper will absorb that negative energy … it will take the “hit.” If the negative energy absorbed by the stone is intense, the red jasper piece can crack or shatter into smaller pieces. (See photo.) This piece of red jasper cracked within 15 minutes after a Reiki practitioner took it with her into her place of employment. It not only protected her, but also alerted her of the presence of negative energies around her.

How can you help to make your red jasper more effective for you?

You can charge your red jasper with Reiki. Hold the red jasper between your hands and give it Reiki for 5 minutes. The Reiki energy coming from your hands will fill the stone. Repeat this process a few times each week to keep the stone’s healing powers strong.

In addition, if you frequently find yourself in stressful or negative situations, remember to cleanse your red jasper daily or else stagnant energy will build up and the red jasper will stop working. Cleansing your red jasper once a week is a good idea even if you are not facing any extra stress. One of the easiest ways you can cleanse your red jasper is by rinsing it under cold running water for 3 to 5 minutes. Afterwards, pat it dry with a paper towel and it’s ready for use again.

Wear red jasper on your body as a bracelet. Place the bracelet near your left wrist. Energy enters the body through the left hand. By wearing it here the red jasper is preventing negative energy from entering your body. You can also wear red jasper as a pendant over your heart chakra, or carry it with you in a small pouch or medicine bag. For more information about red jasper and other healing stones, or to purchase your own stones charged and attuned to Reiki, please contact Lourdes at lgray@learnreiki.org.



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