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25 Years of Reiki

virginia slepIn the spring of 1991, I became a Reiki practitioner under John Gray. That’s a quarter of a century of Reiki!! It’s time to tell my story.

I took Reiki I with John at Interface, in Watertown, Massachusetts.   I was impressed with how strict John was, and how careful he was to be certain that each student did the whole process correctly. We had so much practice time, and John was meticulous in his insistence that each hand position be correct. I was especially impressed by John’s story of Hawayo Takata, and how carefully she had taught him.

After I learned Reiki I, I joined the Reiki Wellness Center that was run by John and his Reiki practitioners. We would meet each Tuesday evening in Watertown from 7 – 9 p.m., and we did two sessions of Reiki on about twelve clients. I loved the work, and I enjoyed the company of the other practitioners… the only problem was that during each session, I would get light-headed and dizzy, and feel like I was going to faint. I would have to go sit outside on the steps for a while until the world stopped spinning.

I recall sitting there the first time it happened, wondering if this Reiki stuff was worth it, and if I was going to be able to drive home safely … when John came out and sat on the step beside me. He started talking to me very quietly: ” It’s okay, Virginia. Just breathe. It’s just your body getting used to the energy. It’s all going to be all right. Takata is here helping you… I can feel her presence… and Dr. Usui is here too, helping you. It will be all right.” It took weeks for the problem to go away, and I’ve never forgotten John’s kind encouragement. Each time it happened he would come outside and just sit there, talking quietly to me, reassuring me, until I recovered.

Eventually I noticed that John would always take sips of water — or coffee — while he was doing Reiki.  He said it helped break up the flow of energy. I hadn’t thought the energy might need breaking up — but I decided to try that. It worked, and I’ve never had a problem since I started drinking water while I do a session.   It If it hadn’t been for John’s support, I probably would never have continued with Reiki. But in the fall I took Reiki II, and the real adventure started.

virgina-and-greyhoundsOne night, my beloved greyhound Nick was hit by a car right in front of our house. I carried him into the house, laid him on the floor, and started doing Reiki. I was so upset that I couldn’t even think straight, and he was clearly in shock, so I just asked my guides and all the Ascended Reiki Masters for help.   I covered his whole body with Reiki for about forty-five minutes. Then, at the end of that time, he got up, walked to his water bowl, drank it dry, then went to his bed, curled up, and went to sleep. In the morning, he was fine.

Another time, I was out walking Nick when I fell and sprained my ankle badly. I couldn’t walk at all. My friend ran home to get her car and come get me, and while she was gone I put one hand on my ankle and just sent Reiki into it. The next day I went to the ER, thinking the ankle might be broken, and when I took off my sock, the doctor was shocked: over the sprain was the perfect outline of a hand, each finger clearly outlined, in normal flesh tone, … and the rest of my foot was a lurid purple. He asked what in the world was going on, so I showed him that the outline perfectly fit my hand, and told him about doing Reiki on it.

Since then, I’ve used Reiki on just about everything you can think of. When birds fly into our kitchen windows and lie stunned on the porch, I send them Reiki through the window… and soon they get up and fly away. I do Reiki on my African violet leaves when I’m trying to get them to take root;   I do Reiki on my car each time I get behind the wheel. My hands are on the wheel anyway… might as well send some Reiki into it. If I’m working in my garden and I damage a worm, I do a bit of Reiki on it. I use the scanning techniques John taught me to scan the energy of plants I’m about to buy… might as well take the one with the strongest energy field!

I’ve always remembered John’s advice: when you’re sitting, never let your hands lie palm up… always place them palms down somewhere on your body. No point in wasting the energy, he used to say!!

One of my favorite Reiki stories involves my grandson, Aaron. When my daughter-in-law announced that she was pregnant, I started sending Reiki to this tiny being, my first grandchild-to-be. During her entire pregnancy, I sent a brief absent treatment each evening.   My husband and I went to North Carolina to see this new baby for the first time when he was one month old. His mom put him in my arms. I held him and and sent some Reiki to him… and he looked right at me, and smiled for the first time. It was so clear that he recognized the energy, and made the connection… “Oh! I know who you are!! I know that energy!!”

In 2004-2005, I took the Reiki Master Practitioner training with John and Lourdes. What a wonderful experience that was!! I so respected John for his strict adherence to Reiki traditions and practices; and I came to admire and respect Lourdes for her willingness to explore and experiment, for being so open to possibilities and ways of making Reiki work.

IMG_0493-150x150Lourdes taught me that if you have even a tiny piece of something, it’s the same as if you have the entire person/item right there. So each winter when my ancient rhododendrons are threatened by extreme temperature fluctuations, I take a leaf from each one and spend a few minutes each winter evening doing a bit of Reiki on them. They’re thriving.

Right now, our enormous maples are threatened by winter moths eating all their leaves… so last week I took a small piece of bark from each of them, and I do Reiki on the whole tree — all of them together — this way.

Lourdes taught us the technique for Walking the Dead, and I’ve been able to use this as a spirit releasement technique on my clients. It works wonderfully. I’m a Clinical Hypnotist, and I tried putting some of my clients in a light hypnotic trance state and then doing Reiki on them. I found it’s amazing how much more easily the Reiki energy flows into the body this way… and Lourdes was so interested to hear about my experiences, and so open to trying it herself.

Last summer, I was at an international conference for hypnotists, and I met a woman from Pennsylvania, a nurse/professor who is also a Reiki Practitioner by someone I didn’t know.  We got to talking about how Reiki has become so diluted by Reiki “Masters” who teach it incorrectly, and turn out practitioners who don’t know what they’re doing. I said that I was always so thankful I had studied under John and Lourdes Gray, and she interrupted: “JOHN GRAY !? You studied with JOHN GRAY???!!! Oh, my goodness!! You really do know what you’re doing, don’t you?! WOW!!”

And thanks to John and Lourdes, she was right: I’m proud to say that I studied with them, and I really do know what I’m doing!

Virginia Slep,

Reiki Master, Ph.D.



Reiki Brings Healing Calm To Formerly Abused Dog

Dear Lourdes

Hello, how are you?
FullSizeRender-150x150Today I went to do reiki for my friend and after her session her dog came near me and wanted me to do reiki so I did for the first time on a dog!!

Later I found out this dog was abused by original owner and ran away and animal shelter rescued her from street. Before my friend went to shelter she was about to put to sleep but luckily my friend got her so I had nooooo idea about this story but immediately I touched her stomach it felt like thunder storm in her tummy….

I did 20 min of reiki and she got much calmer…

Thank you for teaching me this amazing gift!!

Thank you.

Reiki Helps “Riley” The Dog Recover from Surgery

Hi Lourdes,

I thought I’d share a Reiki story with you.  It’s not my most dramatic experience but my first canine one so I ril3-150x150thought I’d share.  I took my 11 month old dog, Riley, to be neutered.  I gave him Reiki treatments before, during and after.  When I brought him home after the procedure I expected him to be very protective of his incision.  I approached him gently to begin Reiki and he rolled right over on his back and exposed his incision.  He laid quietly while I did the treatment.

The next morning same thing.  As soon as I approached him he rolled over.  He looked back and forth from his incision to me like he was urging me to get on with the Reiki!  Twenty four hours after leaving the vet he was running and playing. He did not need the pain medication he was given.  When I brought him back for his post-op check up, and to return the unused drugs, the vet said, “Wow!, He looks fantastic. You would never even know he had surgery.”  So I give thanks again to you and to Reiki 🙂

Karen Peters

Reiki In Your Garden?

Hi Lourdes –

Again this past winter, I did Reiki on our rhododendrons to keep them from being damaged by the alternating deep freeze and warm weather.  I brought in a leaf from each bush, and worked on them together. It worked spectacularly, as these photos show.

Then, in the early spring, I noticed that my husband had tied twine around the trunk of two of our very young reiki for your gardenkusa dogwoods and then tied the twine to a stake,  to help keep them upright.  The trunks had started to grow around the twine, and when I pulled the rope out, there was a ring into the trunk itself, leaving the tree very vulnerable — almost like an open wound.    So I took a tiny emerging leaf from each tree, brought them in, and did Reiki on both of them for a couple of weeks.

I’m happy to report that not only are both trees just fine — but out of the five kusa trees we have (all of the same age) the two that got Reiki are the only two that are blooming right now.

I knew you’d enjoy this story!

Hope all is well……….


Miracles Happen Every Day with Reiki!

Miracles happen every day with Reiki!

999242_631554790206808_1536792421_n-150x150First, let me tell you a story that happened to me today while I was gardening. I needed to extract some very strongly entrenched weeds, weeds the size of bushes, from my front flower bed. I began by using our long handled shovel to dig in up under the thick root system to pull these weeds out whole. I planted the shovel and jumped up on the shovel’s shoulders. To my bewilderment, I immediately was repelled and went flying off the shovel and landed on my back onto the cement. I was dazed. Quickly looking around at my neighbors house, I thought, I hope no one saw me. Shaken up more than a little bit, I said, got to give myself Reiki, And I got to do it now! Got to treat my wrists, which were hurting, my back, oh, heck, my whole body.

So, pronto, I began an absent treatment as I stood under my carport. I repaired my astral matrices, and got what I call the “carte blanche” to open the M/E channel for the entire treatment. Yes! Of Course! I made sure to release the adrenals. Closed the session in our usual way.

Now to get back to the gardening. Everything was going great. I was just at the very end of the weeding of the flower bed in our front yard.I felt the bite of an insect. I took my glove off, removed my glasses and rubbed the bug out of my eyelid. I looked at it. By now, I had squished it so I couldn’t make out what it was. It was a tiny, black biting bug of some sort. Now my eyelid was stinging. It bit me in the lower eyelid and nearest my left tear-duct. The immediate thought was. Do I have benadryl? My answer was, NO! Oh no, I have the spray though I thought. Can’t put that near my eye. Well, let’s just finish up, dispose of the trimmings and get in and clean up.

So, I did all that and thought, now, I must give myself some Reiki to the eye. I know the Reiki will stop my eye from swelling. You know how those bug bites get swollen. And the eyelid, soft tissue will certainly swell if I don’t give myself emergency Reiki. So, I got two Rhodonite crystals for which I would be placing on my eye during the treatment. I began giving my self hands on Reiki to my left eye. Then, I did the ankles together, ankles apart technique, to keep the Reiki flowing while I used my hands to call myself in for an absent treatment. In the absent form, I used CKR to laser pinpoint the energy from my fingertips directly on the area of the bite. Then again for that I did the ankles together, ankles apart to keep that also going while I continued to give myself and entire absent treatment. Finished up the treatment by releasing the adrenals and closing in the usual manner (as taught by Lourdes). Made sure to release my ankles as well for both areas which I used the technique on.

Happy to say, it has been two hours since the bite occurred. My eyelid is normal size. And my eyelid does not sting. And, I just gave myself a refresher course in many of the Reiki techniques which Lourdes taught us. Win, win situation as I see it.

Have a great day!


A Real Testimony to the Power of Reiki

Dear Lourdes,

10295705_810587055635931_5307124469061136494_nI want to say a BIG thank you for your teachings. I am so fortunate to have found you and the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Through this center, I have taken all your courses and just recently graduated from your Reiki Master Program. I never realized what a true gift I was given until a recent tragedy occurred at my place of work. As many readers may have heard from the news, we had a major explosion occur at our New Hampshire Ball Bearing Plant located in Peterborough, NH. I was inside the building when the explosion occurred. On my way out of the building, I asked for help from above. It is amazing the response I received from this request.

As I was heading toward our meeting area in the parking lot, I ran into two of our most seriously injured employees. Two amazing things happened. One, I didn’t run from them but went to help them. Two, I asked if I could apply Reiki healing to these two and the first responders welcomed me in. I sat with the first victim applying Reiki healing energy to his injuries. I was able to keep him calm until the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

I then went to the second victim. She was surrounded by our first responders who were trying to calm her down. I52743880-92ae-11e3-a2b8-2df970df05d7_AP751836475187-214x300 could see their struggle. I walked up to her and asked if I could hold her hand. One of the first responder interrupted, “she does not wish to be touched.” I asked again, the woman looked up at me and said yes. I took her hands in mine, the Reiki energy started to flow, and immediately she calmed down. After the treatment was over, she did not want me to let go of her hands. The Reiki energy was strongly flowing through me. It coming also from my group of Reiki Master friends. At the time, I didn’t realize that my fellow Reiki Masters were also sending absent treatments, yet I could feel their presence. They were with me. It was like having 100 pairs of  hands touching the injured. Even the first responders could the energy. One of them turned to me and said, ” Although I don’t know you, or know anything about Reiki, I can feel the flow of the Reiki energy … I am truly amazed by the sense of calmness Reiki has brought to this woman.”

I am so glad I was given the tools to help. Again, thank you Lourdes and the Reiki community. We are all truly amazing indeed.

Donna Hanley

Reiki Master


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