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The Ten Best New Year’s Resolutions for Reiki Practitioners

the ten best new years resolutions for reiki practitionersHave a “Happy New Year,” dear Reiki friends. May the New Year 2015 bring you health, love, prosperity, happiness and peace. We would like to  to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for your continued kindness and support throughout the years. It is both an incredible honor and privilege to have you as our Reiki friends, students and graduates. May this year be a significant one in your spiritual journey and may you and yours be blessed.

It has become tradition for The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing that on the first day of a new year, we post the “Ten Best New Year’s Resolutions for Reiki Practitioners.” We are delighted to present you with the 2015 version. Enjoy!

1.  Resolve to practice Reiki self-treatment regularly. Reiki Practitioners who practice Reiki self-treatments experience substantial benefits to their overall health, i.e., physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Make daily Reiki self-treatment a new habit for 2015. (Note: Voted #1 Reiki New Years Resolution for 3 years in a row!)

2. Resolve to give Reiki sessions to others. Help friends, family members and pets to be healthier and feel better by giving them regular Reiki sessions.

3.  Resolve to start a meditation practice. Meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves immune function. There are hundreds of benefits to meditation validated by more than 600 studies.

4.  Resolve to eat healtier foods. Good nutrition and Reiki work hand in hand. Hawayo Takata always combined sound nutritional principles with the practice of Reiki. By doing so, you will get better results from your Reiki sessions. Remember … you are what you eat.

5.  Resolve to review and practice what you have learned in Reiki class. Review your notes from your Reiki classes and brush up on what you already know, or take a Reiki class to review the material you have learned earlier.

6.  Resolve to improve your Reiki skills. Select a Reiki skill that needs improvement … for example, the scanning technique, and practice it.

7.  Resolve to make Reiki a part of your spiritual path. Reiki is not just for giving table sessions. Reiki is a way of life. Reiki gently presents you with the teachings that you need to acquire and guides you forward on your spiritual path.

8.  Resolve to apply the Reiki skills you have learned to other areas of your life. Find creative ways of using Reiki. For example, you could give Reiki to your food before eating, to your drinking water, and to your house plants.

9.  Resolve to share your knowledge of Reiki with friends and family. Spread the good word. Tell your friends about Reiki.

10.  Resolve to continue with your Reiki education. Become a more powerful and effective healer. There is much more to be learned …

Amethyst Crystal Healing and Reiki

Amethyst crystal healing and reikiAmethyst crystal healing and Reiki work together wonderfully during Reiki treatments. This is because amethyst holds a high vibration and has an affinity for the healing frequencies of Reiki. Its color holds the highest vibration of the brow chakra, making amethyst the perfect companion for your meditation practice. In fact, many consider amethyst to be the master stone for the brow chakra. We teach how to combine amethyst crystal healing and Reiki in our Reiki Crystal Healing Class.

Amethyst is very protective, it raises your personal energy to a level where negative energies cannot resonate with you and hurt you. When used for protection from negative energies, combine amethyst with moldavite for highest effectiveness. Amethyst’s calming influence aids the self in cultivating a deep state of meditation and healing. Use amethyst during reiki treatments to create a beautifully synergistic effect of healing and love energies. Amethyst is used for tension and migraine headaches, insomnia, stress relief for those who are overworked and overstressed, and to help calm the emotions of persons who tend to get upset easily.

Conditions that are helped by amethyst crystal healing and Reiki

Amethyst is very helpful for people suffering from frequent nightmares. Place an amethyst over each eye to treat tired eyes. Place a small piece of amethyst in the palm of each hand and apply your hands to your eyes as you deliver reiki self-treatment. Combine amethyst and sugilite for treating addictions. Amethyst amplifies the energy of other stones, and can be used together with other stones, for healing purposes. Amethyst helps you identify and integrate your soul lessons. It is one of the best stones to carry and meditate with. Amethyst is also a great stone to use along with rose quartz to calm and soothe the mind and body.

Remember, stones absorb the energy of their surroundings as well as generate energy.  If left uncleansed your amethyst would soon become congested and stop working for you. You’ll need to cleanse your amethyst regularly. The best and easiest method for cleansing your amethyst is to rinse it under cold running water for a few minutes, then gently pat it dry with a paper towel. Repeat this process at least three times per week. Also, remember to keep your amethyst out of direct sunlight for amethyst can be damaged by the rays from the sun.

Hawayo Takata Speaks On Healing Reactions

Dear Reiki Friends,

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to You! We, at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing send you our warmest wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2015.

On this New Year’s Day, we thought you would enjoy listening to a very special audio recording of Hawayo Takata directly from our private collection.
Takatayellow.jpegFor this post, we have selected one of the questions from Takata’s question and answer audio recording series to present to you.  The subject is healing reactions. Takata, as she liked to be called, often illustrated her teachings with colorful stories. This particular question and answer session was recorded by John Harvey Gray at the Trinity Center in 1975.  John Harvey Gray was the first Reiki Master trained by Hawayo Takata in California, and the third Reiki Master trained by her in the West.  At the time these audio recordings were made at Trinity Center, John was a Reiki Master in training with Takata.  Reverend Beth Gray, was also master of ceremonies for the programs held there.  The audience was made up of Reiki students living in the San Francisco Bay Area, who were also members of Trinity Metaphysical Center.  They were also all students of Takata.  Takata was the only Reiki Master in the West teaching at that time.

Takata was the guest speaker for that Sunday evening program at the Trinity Metaphysical Center.  The program that evening consisted of a question and answer session, and the persons asking the questions were the members of the audience.  The Reverend Beth Gray presented the questions to Takata.

Because we believe it is vital to maintain the complete integrity of the original  Takata recordings, it has been presented here verbatim.  Any inaudible sounds (word or words) have been noted.  The response to the question, provided by Takata, is presented here in its entirety.

This recording, “Hawayo Takata Speaks on Healing Reactions” and its transcription are protected by U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL Copyright Laws and may not by copied or duplicated in any form. Copyright 2014 Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Reverend Beth Gray:  “Will you speak about reactions?”

Hawayo Takata:  “Yes.  Reactions are active.  Now, very few people will have a reaction after one treatment, but if they are very, very ill, they may.  And when reactions come, don’t panic.  But most people will say, ‘Oh, they made me worse.’  But when you feel that you have become worse, that means the whole body has taken effect.  The pure, the (inaudible word), the Reiki is beginning to cleanse you.  And so, the internal organs, the twenty-eight feet of intestines, will be cleansed, and you will start to have diarrhea, and fever.  Now, especially in the chronic arthritis cases, when you have lots of calcium in your body, if your body does not burn, or raise fever, you cannot get the calcium to dissolve.  And so by treating it, and when your body temperature rises, you may have fever for four or five days.  But all during the time, the calcium begins to dissolve.  And it may come out through your urine, through your bowl.

Sometimes it forms a great big sore anywhere.  It could be on the knees, it could be on the elbow, a great big ripe tomato-like, and that’s filled with dissolved calcium.  And this patient asked me, ‘Mrs. Takata, what do you do (inaudible word), fork, knife, or a needle?’  I said, ‘No.  We Reiki.  We just treat.  We are not surgeons.  We are not doctors.  So all we have to do is to treat, and we’ll leave it up to nature, and see what happens.  But be sure to have a double bed sheet by your feet.  Someday this is going to burst.’  And while treating, this became very, very raw, and then it burst.  And, you know, the force of this ripe tomato was so hard that it splashed, not only the walls, but to the ceiling.  He grabbed the sheet, put it on, and then I squeezed it, and then it drained for five to seven days.  And before, the hole was that big, but before it completely healed, I told him,  ‘Now that your swelling from your feet and your thighs and legs and all your arms have gone, and you can walk now without pain, please go to your doctor, and check with him and tell him about this.’  So, he did.  And the doctor was very, very happy.  And of course, while the doctor was examining and looking at the hole, he squeezed it.  And when he squeezed it, something like cottage cheese jumped out.  And that was all the calcium that had gathered from the body. 

Now, this man had 13 years of arthritis, and he was not an old man.  He was only about 45 years old.  But he was unable to work.  He was bedridden …  bedridden.  And pain, pain, pain.  So, when you entered his home, on the door it says, ‘Please, do not slam the doors.  The screen door has rattles, so please do not slam.  Please, do not turn on the TV.’  Everything that (has) vibrations (she claps), even that hurt him more.  And so when he got well, he did get well to a perfection.  And he lost … he was about 175 pounds, and he came down, and he minused, he minused about 35 pounds.  And so he could wear his wedding suit at that time, and he went to the doctor, and showed him, and said, ‘This is where it came out.’  And the doctor said, ‘If this had covered the whole surface,’ he said, ‘I would not have believed it. 

But seeing is believing, and I’m very happy you had the sense to come when this was still (inaudible word).’  And the first thing I told him, I said, ‘Every Sunday, you used to argue with your wife.  Your wife said, ‘Let’s go to church.’  And he said, ‘Oh, I have to go fishing.’  And he would say, ‘Today, I have to clean my yard.’  And then he always had some kind of alibi, but never went to church.  And so, I say to him,  ‘Now that you have gone to the doctor, and find yourself okay, the first thing you are going to do is to go to the house of God, and thank God.  Take your wife down.’  It was only two blocks … that was the Episcopalian church.  And so I said, ‘Wear your shoes and your Sunday clothes, take your wife’s arm, and walk to the church, now that you can walk.  And, you walk right to the altar, and then, bow your head, and then thank God for having mercy, and grace, and for the, healing.’  I said, ‘It was through God power, that you were healed, and, it was not (inaudible word), I only gave you the time.’  And then, the wife followed the diet.  And so, in 30 days, 13 years of arthritis was absolutely gone.  And so, that is another happy, happy story.  But it ended it.  You have to remove the cause, and then the effect.  No effect … if you remove the cause there shall be no effect.”

Reiki Treatment For Stroke

reiki treatment for strokeThe Reiki Treatment for Stroke hand position was developed by John Harvey Gray as a Reiki treatment for stroke and for other neurological disorders. Include this hand position anytime the brain is unable to properly communicate with the muscles in the body, e.g., stroke, MS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.The effectiveness of the Reiki treatment for stroke hand position lies in that your hands rest directly over the brain’s motor muscle cortex–delivering Reiki healing energy directly to the affected area. This is the part of the brain that communicates with the muscles in the body. We teach this hand position in our Reiki 1 class.


Reiki Brings Healing Calm To Formerly Abused Dog

Dear Lourdes

Hello, how are you?
FullSizeRender-150x150Today I went to do reiki for my friend and after her session her dog came near me and wanted me to do reiki so I did for the first time on a dog!!

Later I found out this dog was abused by original owner and ran away and animal shelter rescued her from street. Before my friend went to shelter she was about to put to sleep but luckily my friend got her so I had nooooo idea about this story but immediately I touched her stomach it felt like thunder storm in her tummy….

I did 20 min of reiki and she got much calmer…

Thank you for teaching me this amazing gift!!

Thank you.

Reiki Volunteer Opportunities at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston invites all Reiki practitioners, certified in Reiki Level 2 or above, to apply for enrollment in its volunteer Reiki Practicum Program. BWH’s Reiki Practicum Program is looking for volunteers who are ready to serve from their hearts by offering comfort, care, and compassion while gaining Reiki experience in a major hospital setting.

Our program offers Reiki practitioners a wide range of opportunities to work with patients in critical need of comfort and care. These patients include cancer patients, pre-operative patients, post-operative patients, and so much more. Reiki has effectively helped BWH patients with pain management, stress and anxiety, restlessness, spiritual connection, and many health conditions.

The program itself requires a 100-hour total time commitment from every volunteer. Each volunteer commits to one 2-hour shift, once per week. Some volunteers choose to stay for longer than their 2-hour minimum for their weekly shifts. The program seeks reliable volunteers who are able to show up for the same shift each week, although we do offer some flexibility for those with varying work schedules (examples including nursing students, nurses, etc.). We are currently only accepting volunteers with weekday availability, as that is when our coordinators are available to offer training and support.

As we have limited parking options, we are really looking for volunteers whom live in the Greater Boston Area and find public transportation easy or whom drive and are able to pay for their own parking. Our MBTA T-stop is Brigham Circle on the Green Line’s E-line. The parking garage across the street from our hospital charges $9 for 2-3 hours, $10 for 3-4 hours, and $12 for 4-5 hours.

The average completion time of the 100-hour practicum is one year. Upon completion of 100 total hours of volunteer service, BWH Reiki practitioners receive a certificate of completion from the Hospital to help enhance their credentials as professional Reiki providers.

Many BWH Reiki volunteers feel hugely inspired when witnessing the health benefits that their patients experience while receiving Reiki treatments. Many of our volunteers find that they benefit so much from their unique experiences in the hospital that they decide to stay with us for longer than 100 hours. A few volunteers have been with the program for five years or more.

The BWH Reiki Practicum Program is honored to collaborate with Lourdes Gray and the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Anyone certified to practice Reiki Level 2 or above is welcome to apply. For those who are enrolled in Reiki Master training with Lourdes, the BWH Reiki Practicum Program is a great way to fulfill your graduating requirement of 100 hours of practicum experience.

Thanks so much for your interest. If you have any questions at all about the program or you are interested in applying, please email Matthew McDonald, the BWH Reiki Program Coordinator, at mmcdonald21@partners.org, with the subject title “John Harvey Gray Center Posting: Interested Volunteer.”

In deep love and gratitude,

Matthew McDonald
Reiki Program Coordinator
Healing and Caring Modalities
Department of Nursing
Office: 617.525.9522
Mobile: 857.294.1746
Email: mmcdonald21@partners.org

Reiki Helps “Riley” The Dog Recover from Surgery

Hi Lourdes,

I thought I’d share a Reiki story with you.  It’s not my most dramatic experience but my first canine one so I ril3-150x150thought I’d share.  I took my 11 month old dog, Riley, to be neutered.  I gave him Reiki treatments before, during and after.  When I brought him home after the procedure I expected him to be very protective of his incision.  I approached him gently to begin Reiki and he rolled right over on his back and exposed his incision.  He laid quietly while I did the treatment.

The next morning same thing.  As soon as I approached him he rolled over.  He looked back and forth from his incision to me like he was urging me to get on with the Reiki!  Twenty four hours after leaving the vet he was running and playing. He did not need the pain medication he was given.  When I brought him back for his post-op check up, and to return the unused drugs, the vet said, “Wow!, He looks fantastic. You would never even know he had surgery.”  So I give thanks again to you and to Reiki 🙂

Karen Peters

Learning To See Auras – Debunking Myth #3

Myth #3: Only psychics and spiritually gifted persons can see auras. Absolutely not true. Everyone is The Human Auraborn with the ability to see auras. Even the blind.  Seeing auras is a natural human ability that has been around ever since we became human. Remember, the eye is just one our sensory organs. We really “see” with our minds.

“The human mind is capable of processing 400 billion bits of information per second BUT is ONLY aware of 2000 of those.” Dr. Joseph Dispenza D.C.

The bits of information that the mind selects to bring up to awareness is based on what we already know and accept as “reality.” Viewing auras is not a practice generally accepted and recognized in Western society. Most children are not supported and encouraged to see auras, just the opposite. Even today, many parents and teachers discourage children who appear to have special psychic abilities from developing those gifts.

Children want to be loved and accepted by their families and peers. This often means fitting the mold that society has designed for them.  In the process, many children subconsciously turn off certain abilities that would make them different from others; however, these abilities, including the ability to see auras are never lost and can be re-awakened!

As the child or adult begins to understand what the aura is and how to view it, their knowledge and awareness of reality expands and the mind is able to bring more information to the surface including the awareness of the beautiful glowing lights that make up the aura.

Stay tuned for more aura viewing tips coming up on Monday!


Please visit Learn To See Auras or call 603-899-3288 to learn more or to register for the class. 

Learning To See Auras – Debunking Myth #2

The first step in learning to see auras is separating fact from myth so let’s debunk the second most common myth.The Human Aura

Myth #2: The aura always appears in its entirety, covering the whole body. This belief creates one of the most common obstacles people encounter when they try to view the aura and the reason for why many fail to recognize it.

The notion that auras appear in their entirety as an egg shaped sphere of glowing colors that surround the body of humans, animals and plants has been incorrectly described and popularized in books and oral traditions for hundreds years. That is what people expect the aura to look like and why they fail to recognize the “real aura” when it appears.

In most instances, the real aura consists of very delicate layers of colored lights that come and go over various parts of the body, one section at a time, and seem to appear and disappear, pulsing several times per minute, turning on and off. The “turning on and off” effect is caused by the aura’s own intrinsic rhythm. It is not tied to the heart beat, respiration rate or any other physical motility.

Stay tuned for debunking tip #3 coming up tomorrow!


Please visit Learn To See Auras or call 603-899-3288 to learn more or to register for the class. 

Learning To See Auras – Anyone Can Do it!

LEARNING TO SEE AURAS – ANYONE CAN DO IT! Have you ever met a person and instantly felt a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ toward that person, yet you did not know why?Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt a positive or negative energy present?Have you ever had a premonition that turned out to be correct?Have you ever had moments when you observed subtle layers of colored lights around a person, animal, or plant?

Have you ever wished that you could see auras? Maybe you already do but are not aware of it … Auras are real and anyone can easily learn to see them. Learning to see Auras does not require any special spiritual gifts–it’s a natural human ability!

Over the next several days I’ll post some tips on learning how to see auras–please stay tuned

Please visit Learn To See Auras or call 603-899-3288 to learn more or to register for the class. 


Reiki Shoulder Treatment

Reiki Shoulder Treatment for Painful Shoulders

reiki shoulder treatmentGiving a Reiki Shoulder treatment can be very helpful for painful, stress and tired shoulders as well as for shoulder injuries. This type of Reiki treatment is also effective for use before and after many types of shoulder surgery including rotator cuff repair, impingement syndrome, and surgery for shoulder instability.

In order to administer the Reiki shoulder treatment you’ll want to sandwich the client’s shoulder joint between your hands and allow the Reiki energy to flow from one hand to the hand. As you hold this Reiki hand position for several minutes, the Reiki energy will have a chance to deeply penetrate the shoulder bringing soothing healing and calm to the muscles and joints.

The Reiki shoulder treatment should always be part of a full body Reiki session. In addition, it is important to remember to treat both shoulders while doing the Reiki shoulder. This is necessary in order to keep the energy balanced. This short video shows you how to do the treatment.

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