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Reiki Hand Position For The Mouth

Reiki hand position for the mouthThe Reiki hand position for the mouth, also known as the “Reiki Mouth Cradle,” is a great optional Reiki position to use during a Reiki treatment anytime there is something going on with the mouth, i.e., the teeth, gums, lips or tongue.Use the Reiki hand position for the mouth after a dental procedure to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, and promote healing.
The Reiki hand position for the mouth is also an excellent Reiki position to supplement a Reiki treatment targeting gum disease. In addition, the Reiki hand position for the mouth is very effective for treating cold sores.
How to do the Reiki hand position for the mouth: If you are giving a Reiki treatment to a client, first place tissue over the client’s mouth (for cleanliness) and then create a cradle or bridge with your hands over the client’s mouth but do not touch the mouth itself. Your hands should hover over the mouth. Note: For Reiki self-treatment, it is acceptable to have your hands in contact with the mouth itself during the treatment. Hold the Reiki hand position for the mouth in place at least 10 minutes at a time. Use this Reiki hand position on a regular basis for best results.Note: If the condition you are treating is chronic, meaning that it has been there 3 weeks or longer, it is recommended that you also do full body Reiki treatments because by then, the entire body would be involved in the healing process.


Introducing Your Pet To Reiki

introducing your pet to reikiMost pets love their Reiki treatments but the introduction to Reiki should be gradual and well thought out. Animals are very sensitive to energy. They can feel it and smell it. If you have just become initiated in Reiki, your pet will sense it immediately. Some pets require a bit of time to get used to the “new you” … other pets won’t leave you alone from the very first time they sense the Reiki energy! We teach Reiki techniques for pet in all of our Reiki classes.

Whatever the situation may be for you and your pet, introducing your pet to Reiki should be a gradual process. Let your pet sniff your hands, then give her praise, gentle petting, and a reward such as a healthy treat.  Repeat this process over and over again until your pet is comfortable and relaxed. Remember to be mindful and listen to your pet’s body language for signs that she wants to end the session. Your pet can’t tell you in words when it’s time to quit.

The introductory process may take time, so be patient. Never hold down or restrain a pet while you are introducing her to Reiki. If you were to do this, your pet’s mind would create a negative association to Reiki. Not only is this unfair to your pet, but afterwards this conditioning would be hard to break.

As your pet begins to get used to the Reiki energy, gently place your hands on her body so that your pet can feel the energy flow. Use gentle words of praise, e.g., “good girl,” or “what a good dog” etc. for reinforcement. Note: If your pet is extra sensitive to the energy flow try keeping your hands approximately 12 inches above the pet’s body. The treatment will still be effective but not as intense as if you placed your hands directly on the fur.

When your dog is ready to stand up and move, let her go, and praise her again. Then, after a while, offer more Reiki, place your hands gently on her body, continuing from where you left off.

Clearing Negative Energy During a Reiki Treatment

IMG_1246-150x150A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from one of our advanced Reiki students. Because her story and subsequent question present a very serious matter of concern, I wish to share contents of her e-mail with you.

She related, “as I finish Reiki treatments and have my hands on the client’s feet, I can feel energy pouring out … as if there is a lot of something being purged.” She then went on to tell of an incident that occurred during a Reiki share. While finishing the treatment, she told others working with her that she could feel this energy. They told her to “pull it out and shake the energy off” her hands. A Reiki Master in the group then “zapped” the negative energy in order to get rid of it! Worried that this may not be the best way to clear the negative energy, she contacted me.

I cannot stress the importance of this answer more. I must share with you what I have learned from my late husband John Harvey Gray about clearing negative energy during Reiki treatments:

1.) Feeling negative energy during a Reiki treatment is common. It is simply stagnant energy. Some Reiki Practitioners perceive the stagnant energy as “negative energy” but it is really just energy that has grown stagnant because of congestion in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is called “Chi Stagnation.”

By giving a complete Reiki treatment, i.e.,  using the three patterns as taught in Reiki I, the body can more easily balance and harmonize its functions and resolve the stagnant or negative energy without the need to actively clear the negative energy away.

2.) Never throw away anyone’s energy! If you were to do so, you would be throwing  away their general physical vitality. The body has a perfectly good system for recycling stagnant energy. Instead, smooth the aura over the body from head to toe as part of closing the Reiki session. We teach the smoothing technique in our Reiki I workshop. It stimulates the body’s natural energy flow, recycling stagnant and irritating energy. Throwing away or “zapping” a person’s negative energy is the equivalent of the ancient practice of bloodletting. The sick were often bled to death by doctors trying to remove “bad blood.”

3.) Reiki is a practice in unconditional love. We, as Reiki practitioners, are not the healers. We are just the channels for the energy. Reiki and the body receiving the energy are the real healers. Learn how not to take credit for the outcome of the treatment. The client may get better or worse. Perhaps, nothing will change. You, as a Reiki practitioner, are not responsible for the outcome. If the energy is purging, then let it purge. Learn to let go of the results.

4.) Become a clear Reiki channel, a true conduit for the Reiki energy. Again, trust that the client’s body and the Reiki energy are the true healers. It is all right if you feel the negative energy purging. Get your will and emotions out of the way and let the energy flow. To put it simply, be mindful and observe. Be present and witness what is taking place. Be unconditional and unattached to any particular outcome.

As you practice being mindfully unconditional, you will gradually become a clear channel for the Reiki energy. This is a simple concept, but by no means easy to accomplish. I call a practitioner who has reached this stage in his or her practice, a “clear conduit.” It means that you, the channel, are so clear, so transparent, that the healing energy passes through you into the one receiving the treatment in its most pristine form. There is absolutely no ego involved. Only then, will the flow become boundless. This is when miracles happen.

Remember, originally, Reiki was a spiritual practice to help those seeking enlightenment. Its healing qualities are an additional blessing. As you become a clear channel, Reiki becomes your ever-present partner, not just in your healing work, but also on your spiritual path, guiding and protecting you.

Reiki In Your Garden?

Hi Lourdes –

Again this past winter, I did Reiki on our rhododendrons to keep them from being damaged by the alternating deep freeze and warm weather.  I brought in a leaf from each bush, and worked on them together. It worked spectacularly, as these photos show.

Then, in the early spring, I noticed that my husband had tied twine around the trunk of two of our very young reiki for your gardenkusa dogwoods and then tied the twine to a stake,  to help keep them upright.  The trunks had started to grow around the twine, and when I pulled the rope out, there was a ring into the trunk itself, leaving the tree very vulnerable — almost like an open wound.    So I took a tiny emerging leaf from each tree, brought them in, and did Reiki on both of them for a couple of weeks.

I’m happy to report that not only are both trees just fine — but out of the five kusa trees we have (all of the same age) the two that got Reiki are the only two that are blooming right now.

I knew you’d enjoy this story!

Hope all is well……….


Miracles Happen Every Day with Reiki!

Miracles happen every day with Reiki!

999242_631554790206808_1536792421_n-150x150First, let me tell you a story that happened to me today while I was gardening. I needed to extract some very strongly entrenched weeds, weeds the size of bushes, from my front flower bed. I began by using our long handled shovel to dig in up under the thick root system to pull these weeds out whole. I planted the shovel and jumped up on the shovel’s shoulders. To my bewilderment, I immediately was repelled and went flying off the shovel and landed on my back onto the cement. I was dazed. Quickly looking around at my neighbors house, I thought, I hope no one saw me. Shaken up more than a little bit, I said, got to give myself Reiki, And I got to do it now! Got to treat my wrists, which were hurting, my back, oh, heck, my whole body.

So, pronto, I began an absent treatment as I stood under my carport. I repaired my astral matrices, and got what I call the “carte blanche” to open the M/E channel for the entire treatment. Yes! Of Course! I made sure to release the adrenals. Closed the session in our usual way.

Now to get back to the gardening. Everything was going great. I was just at the very end of the weeding of the flower bed in our front yard.I felt the bite of an insect. I took my glove off, removed my glasses and rubbed the bug out of my eyelid. I looked at it. By now, I had squished it so I couldn’t make out what it was. It was a tiny, black biting bug of some sort. Now my eyelid was stinging. It bit me in the lower eyelid and nearest my left tear-duct. The immediate thought was. Do I have benadryl? My answer was, NO! Oh no, I have the spray though I thought. Can’t put that near my eye. Well, let’s just finish up, dispose of the trimmings and get in and clean up.

So, I did all that and thought, now, I must give myself some Reiki to the eye. I know the Reiki will stop my eye from swelling. You know how those bug bites get swollen. And the eyelid, soft tissue will certainly swell if I don’t give myself emergency Reiki. So, I got two Rhodonite crystals for which I would be placing on my eye during the treatment. I began giving my self hands on Reiki to my left eye. Then, I did the ankles together, ankles apart technique, to keep the Reiki flowing while I used my hands to call myself in for an absent treatment. In the absent form, I used CKR to laser pinpoint the energy from my fingertips directly on the area of the bite. Then again for that I did the ankles together, ankles apart to keep that also going while I continued to give myself and entire absent treatment. Finished up the treatment by releasing the adrenals and closing in the usual manner (as taught by Lourdes). Made sure to release my ankles as well for both areas which I used the technique on.

Happy to say, it has been two hours since the bite occurred. My eyelid is normal size. And my eyelid does not sting. And, I just gave myself a refresher course in many of the Reiki techniques which Lourdes taught us. Win, win situation as I see it.

Have a great day!


Reiki for Animals

Animals benefit just as much as humans do from receiving Reiki sessions. Reiki is a Japanese word for “Universal Life Force.” Reiki energy manifests in our physical world as a band of energy frequencies capable of interacting with living organisms … including people, animals, and plants. As a living organism receives Reiki energy, its cells, glands, organs, systems, energy bodies, aura, meridian pathways, and chakras commence a balancing and harmonizing process, helping to strengthen that organism’s natural healing properties.

It matters not to the Reiki healing energy whether the recipient of the Reiki session is an animal, a person, or a plant. Reiki energy will work the same for all three. The difference between treating an animal with Reiki and treating a person with Reiki is only in the delivery of the Reiki session itself. In our Reiki training classes, we teach our Reiki students how to administer Reiki to animals. It would be impossible to try to encompass all of this information in one newsletter article. To learn how to give Reiki to animals please come to one of our Reiki training classes. Here are some general guidelines for delivering Reiki healing energy treatments to animals:

Introducing Your Pet to Reiki

Animals are very sensitive to energy. If you have just become initiated in Reiki, your pet will sense it immediately. Some pets require a bit of time to get used to the “new you” … other pets won’t leave you alone from the very first time they sense the Reiki energy! Whatever the situation may be for you and your pet, introduce your pet to Reiki very gradually. Let your pet sniff your hands, then give him or her praise and gentle petting.  This process may take time, so be patient. Never hold down or restrain a pet that you are introducing to Reiki. If you were to do this, your pet’s mind would create a negative association to Reiki. Not only is this unfair to your pet, but afterwards this conditioning would be hard to break.

Red Jasper Protective and Grounding

photo-150x150Red jasper, a stone typically associated with the root chakra energy, is one of the most effective stones you could use to protect your own energy system when you are confronted with negative energies of any kind. Some of the protective qualities of red jasper can be attributed to the way red jasper is formed.


Red jasper is a sedimentary stone. Sedimentary stones are created under the influence of  external factors such as sun, rain, wind, heat, cold and frost. These factors erode and transport minerals from one area to another, and over time, sometimes millions of years, create new stones. Sedimentary stones carry within, the energy of external factors. When external factors such as career, family, friends, climate, etc., are causing negative influences in your life and your health, work with sedimentary rocks and crystals such as red jasper to bring balance and healing to yourself and to your environment.

What are the healing properties red jasper can offer you?

Red jasper gives you the courage to speak out. It is a very helpful stone to have with you if you are in a stressful situation. Red jasper also balances and heals the human aura by removing negative energies. It strengthens your aura and grounds your energy system. Red jasper strengthens the root chakra and increases your personal energy or chi. It stabilizes your energy pattern thereby helping both your physical and emotional bodies come into balance.

Whenever you encounter a negative energy, red jasper will absorb that negative energy … it will take the “hit.” If the negative energy absorbed by the stone is intense, the red jasper piece can crack or shatter into smaller pieces. (See photo.) This piece of red jasper cracked within 15 minutes after a Reiki practitioner took it with her into her place of employment. It not only protected her, but also alerted her of the presence of negative energies around her.

How can you help to make your red jasper more effective for you?

You can charge your red jasper with Reiki. Hold the red jasper between your hands and give it Reiki for 5 minutes. The Reiki energy coming from your hands will fill the stone. Repeat this process a few times each week to keep the stone’s healing powers strong.

In addition, if you frequently find yourself in stressful or negative situations, remember to cleanse your red jasper daily or else stagnant energy will build up and the red jasper will stop working. Cleansing your red jasper once a week is a good idea even if you are not facing any extra stress. One of the easiest ways you can cleanse your red jasper is by rinsing it under cold running water for 3 to 5 minutes. Afterwards, pat it dry with a paper towel and it’s ready for use again.

Wear red jasper on your body as a bracelet. Place the bracelet near your left wrist. Energy enters the body through the left hand. By wearing it here the red jasper is preventing negative energy from entering your body. You can also wear red jasper as a pendant over your heart chakra, or carry it with you in a small pouch or medicine bag. For more information about red jasper and other healing stones, or to purchase your own stones charged and attuned to Reiki, please contact Lourdes at lgray@learnreiki.org.



A Real Testimony to the Power of Reiki

Dear Lourdes,

10295705_810587055635931_5307124469061136494_nI want to say a BIG thank you for your teachings. I am so fortunate to have found you and the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Through this center, I have taken all your courses and just recently graduated from your Reiki Master Program. I never realized what a true gift I was given until a recent tragedy occurred at my place of work. As many readers may have heard from the news, we had a major explosion occur at our New Hampshire Ball Bearing Plant located in Peterborough, NH. I was inside the building when the explosion occurred. On my way out of the building, I asked for help from above. It is amazing the response I received from this request.

As I was heading toward our meeting area in the parking lot, I ran into two of our most seriously injured employees. Two amazing things happened. One, I didn’t run from them but went to help them. Two, I asked if I could apply Reiki healing to these two and the first responders welcomed me in. I sat with the first victim applying Reiki healing energy to his injuries. I was able to keep him calm until the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

I then went to the second victim. She was surrounded by our first responders who were trying to calm her down. I52743880-92ae-11e3-a2b8-2df970df05d7_AP751836475187-214x300 could see their struggle. I walked up to her and asked if I could hold her hand. One of the first responder interrupted, “she does not wish to be touched.” I asked again, the woman looked up at me and said yes. I took her hands in mine, the Reiki energy started to flow, and immediately she calmed down. After the treatment was over, she did not want me to let go of her hands. The Reiki energy was strongly flowing through me. It coming also from my group of Reiki Master friends. At the time, I didn’t realize that my fellow Reiki Masters were also sending absent treatments, yet I could feel their presence. They were with me. It was like having 100 pairs of  hands touching the injured. Even the first responders could the energy. One of them turned to me and said, ” Although I don’t know you, or know anything about Reiki, I can feel the flow of the Reiki energy … I am truly amazed by the sense of calmness Reiki has brought to this woman.”

I am so glad I was given the tools to help. Again, thank you Lourdes and the Reiki community. We are all truly amazing indeed.

Donna Hanley

Reiki Master


Reiki for After Surgery Tip #6

How to Administer Reiki After The Surgery

After the surgery is over, give Reiki “hands-off” the body directly over the area that had surgery. Do not touch the area directly with your hands for it would be too sensitive. Keep your hands approximately 6 inches above, hovering in the air. Treat for as long as possible–one hour or more at a time is usually good. Repeat for the next few days. This will help it heal faster.

Utilizing Reiki To Release The Memory of The Surgery

At the same time, you’ll want to “release the memory” of the surgery from the body by treating the adrenals  glands. Hawayo Takata taught her students to always release the memory of the injury from the body by treating the adrenal glands. Surgery is considered to be an injury to the body.

To release the memory, place your hands over the adrenal glands (back of the torso-see illustration) hold your hands over the adrenals until your hands cool off. This takes about 10 minutes. If you are unable to reach the back of the torso, then treat from the front of the torso but stay longer in order to allow the energy to pass through the body. Releasing the adrenal glands only needs to be done once.adrenal-glands

You’ve Been Given Permission To Be Present During Surgery. Now What? Tip #5

Delivering Reiki During Surgery– Reiki Hands On Treatment

surgery-300x135If you are given permission to be present during surgery, give Reiki “hands off” the body to the person having surgery. You’ll need to be out of the way of the surgical team but treat areas where you can reach. Open the SHK Channel in the 2nd pattern (the head) give a mental/emotional treatment towards the procedure going well and the the person healing quickly.

Delivering Reiki During Surgery–Reiki Distance Treatment

If you are not allowed to be physically present during surgery, call the person having surgery in “absentee” and give him/her a Reiki distance  treatment. Also, open the SHK Channel and give a mental/emotional treatment visualizing the surgery going well and the person healing quickly. You can also give a Reiki group distance treatment to the entire surgical team for the purpose of helping them focus well and be more successful.


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