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Planning Ahead Before Surgery. Tip #4

Plan Ahead Before Surgery

Plan ahead. Some medical and veterinarian facilities will grant you permission to be present during the surgery to IMG_1742-224x300deliver Reiki. Others, will let you be in the recovery room. Find out ahead of time what you will be allowed and not allowed to do.


Mental and Emotional Reiki Treatments Before Surgery. Tip #3

Providing Mental and Emotional Reiki Treatments Prior To Surgery

If you are Reiki II or above, give a Reiki mental and emotional treatment for the surgery. Start the Reiki sessionIMG_1725-e1395102232952-224x300 with the first pattern on the front of the torso.

In the 2nd pattern (the head area) open the SHK channel (draw CKR, SHK, CKR) and say silently “this is my higher self speaking to your higher self.” Then, visualize the surgery going well and the person recovering completely, as if you were watching a movie. At the end of the second pattern, say silently “amen” or “so be it.” This closes the channel.

Then, process with the rest of the Reiki treatment on the 3rd pattern, the back of the torso, the back of the knees and feet.

Note: It is YOU who does the visualization. The “client” just relaxes and enjoys the treatment.

The SHK channel not only addresses the mental/emotional side of a condition. It is also a communications channel. By using the channel in the manner described here you are helping the mind and body of the client prepare for the surgery. You may use this technique every time you give the client a Reiki session.

Reiki Treatment Before Surgery. Tip #2

How Long To Stay In Each of The Reiki Positions

Before surgery, if you are doing one hour long Reiki sessions, divide your time between positions so that you John-Harvey.1-207x300spend 5 to 7 minutes over problem areas and 2 to 3 minutes over non-problems areas.

If you are doing Reiki sessions shorter than one hour long the same principle applies. It’s more effective to deliver Reiki to the entire body than to just concentrate your time in one or two spots.

Reiki for Surgery: Prepare First. Tip #1

Reiki Is An Effective Tool To Prepare The Body To Receive Surgery


Administering Reiki before and after surgery can be helpful to the person (or animal) who is to have surgery by Reiki-Handspreparing his or her mind and body for the procedure.

Reiki is most effective when allowed to build up and accumulate

in the recipient’s body over a period of time. If possible, start giving complete Reiki sessions (all three Reiki patterns–front of the torso; head, neck and shoulders; and back of the torso and feet) to the person or animal scheduled for surgery at least one week before the surgery.


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