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Learn to See (and Read) Auras and Chakras!

  • Have you ever had a premonition that turned out to be correct?
  • Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt a positive or negative energy present?
  • Have you ever met a person and instantly felt a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ toward that person, yet you did not know why?

These events are influenced by the aura and in this class you can learn to see auras quickly and easily!


You do not need to be clairvoyant or have special spiritual gifts in order to learn to see auras and chakras…

Anyone can quickly and easily learn to see auras and chakras. No special abilities or psychic gifts are necessary in order to learn to see auras and feel the chakras.

The aura is the bio-energetic field emanating from people, animals, plants and objects. When the aura is intact, it acts as a barrier, a protection from negative energies. No negative energy can penetrate your aura if it is intact, unless you allow it to do so. In this class you will learn how to protect yourself from negative energies.

The aura also acts as a reservoir of energy. It functions similarly to a balloon. The aura expands and contracts according to your energy level. Therefore, you can easily access your own, or another person’s or animal’s energy level by learning to feel the edge of the aura.

“Learn To See Auras was a great course! I felt, saw, & experienced much more than I was expecting!” K.H.


The aura consists of seven layers. Three layers are visible to the human eye…

The first layer closest to the body, is transparent and consists of etheric double which is the energetic duplicate for your physical body. The second layer is the astral layer and holds your emotions. This is the layer that contains all of the colors of the aura.

Your aura colors change constantly, depending on your mood. Do not make the mistake of assuming that a beautiful turquoise color in the aura means that the person is happy or loving, or that red in the aura means anger! The third layer of the aura is the mental layer. This layer of the aura becomes active when you are engaged in intense thinking or mental processing.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “energy wheel.” Chakras have two main functions. The number one function of a chakra is to supplement the body’s combustion process of sugar and oxygen (for the production of energy).

Therefore, when you scan a chakra, if you cannot feel it as well as the others, you can suspect that the glands and organs that receive their signal from that chakra are not getting enough energy from the outside…this can make them more vulnerable to problems. Having this knowledge prior to administering a Reiki session can be very useful as it allows you to modify the session for that client in order for him or her to receive more energy over areas that are found to be deficient.

The secondary function of the seven chakras involves emotionality…and how these emotions (held in the muscles surrounding the chakras) relate to the individual.

“Lourdes was informative and made it easy to follow to see auras” S.W.


In “Learn To See Auras” you will learn:

• How to see and read Auras and experience a powerful opening of your 3rd Eye

• How it is possible for the human eye to see auras

• An exercise that will powerfully awaken your 3rd Eye (in order to activate your ability to see and read all layers of the aura.)

• Why most people fail to see auras

• With your 3rd Eye open, you and the other students will practice observing and reading each other’s auras

• All about the aura’s seven layers. (Only three of these layers are visible to the human eye, but now with the 3rd Eye opened you will be able to read all of the layers.)

• How to feel the aura and the chakras kinestethically, and then practice assessing both the aura and chakras for strength and vitality

What the chakras are and their relationship to the aura. 

• You will learn what the chakras are and how they work.

• What the aura is from a spiritual as well as from a scientific perspective

How each chakra balances and heals each of the energetic bodies; the physical, emotional mental and spiritual.

• How for thousands of years different cultures have described the existence of auras from a spiritual as well as from a metaphysical perspective (and how modern science has addressed the existence of auras.)

“Great! Perfect amount of detail in the Learn To See Auras class! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot” E.D.



Learn how chakras relate to the aura…

Take for instance, the root chakra.

The root chakra is the first chakra to develop in the human. Its development starts very early in life, around the age of one’s potty training. The root chakra governs your survival mechanism and self-esteem. It serves as the foundation for the growth and development of the other chakras.

The spin of the root chakra creates the etheric double. The etheric double is the first layer of the aura. It consists of a clear band of energy approximately one and a half inches in width. The etheric double follows the contour of the physical body. The etheric double is the easiest layer of the aura to learn to see with your physical eyes.

Almost everyone can see it after a short (~5 minute) lesson! The etheric double acts as the blue print (or mirror image) for the physical body. Once you learn how to see it, you can quickly spot weaknesses and imbalances in the etheric double…anytime and anywhere.

“Very cool! I can see auras!!” K.R.



You will also learn…

What each color in the aura signifies

• How to practice detecting changes in the aura’s colors, size and intensity as the person experiences different emotional states

• To tell when the person is not telling the truth by detecting changes in his/her aura

How to heal, strengthen and protect your aura

• The aura is a mirror image of the physical body…it is the body’s energetic double. You will learn how to detect weaknesses in the aura, how to heal the aura of these weaknesses, and balance the chakras

How to detect energy vampires and protect yourself from psychic attack:

You will also learn how to detect negative energy and energy vampires, and how to protect yourself from these, by creating a strong field of protection around yourself. Note: Energy vampires are people who cannot metabolize their own energy. Energy vampires supply their own energetic needs by taking energy from other people.

If you have ever felt exhausted after being with a particular person, even if you were with him or her for only a short time, chances were that this person was an energy vampire. Most energy vampires are not aware they have this problem. It is important to know that this problem can be healed.


Read what students are saying about the Learn to See Auras class…

“Learn To See Auras was a very good workshop, Lourdes was a clear and concrete teacher and the pace of the day was very good–enough balance between activities, breaks and lecture” A.B.

“Learn To See Auras has inspired me to pursue more info & knowledge in this area” T.G.

“Wonderful learning experience as always. Lourdes, I so appreciate your ability and willingness to meet each student where he/she is at, and to personalize the learning process to make it that much more meaningful.  Learn To See Auras was a great class! Thank You!” A.P.

“I really enjoyed the Learn To See Auras class and thought it had the right balance of theory and explanation of background with slides & lecture and practical exercises. As always, the teacher was engaging and entertaining as well as very instructive” C.T.

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