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What Makes Reiki Different from Other Forms of Energy Healing?

In many energy healing modalities, the energy healing student must learn to cultivate and harvest the healing energy, store it within his body, and then, utilizing breath, movement and intent, channel the healing energy into the body of another person, animal or plant. This is a process that can take many months or years of intense practice to master.

The Reiki attunement process makes it possible for the Reiki practitioner student to effectively channel Reiki healing energy immediately after taking the Reiki training class — no prior experience is necessary.

The Reiki attunement causes a shift in the Reiki student’s energy blueprint. This shift allows the Reiki energy to pass through certain pathways of the Reiki student’s body, without interfering with the Reiki student’s own bioenergy. Then, the Reiki student is able to channel the Reiki energy passing through his body channels without utilizing his or her personal energy or Ki for the purpose of delivering the Reiki healing session. The benefits of receiving Reiki attunements are many, and include the following:

Reiki Practitioners Do Not Use Their Own Energy During the Reiki Session

Supplying one’s own energy or Ki for the healing session can weaken the body’s energy reserve. Reiki practitioners channel Reiki energy instead of their own personal energy or Ki. Thus, their personal energy or Ki is protected from being depleted during the Reiki session.

Reiki Practitioners Receive Some of the Reiki Energy During The Reiki Session

Because the Reiki practitioner is not utilzing his or her energy for the session, he or she feels more energized at the end of the session than when he or she started. (The Reiki practitioner gets to keep a little bit of the energy.)

Reiki Practitioners Will Not Pick Up Energetic Problems from Clients While Giving Reiki To Their Clients

There is no need to create extra protection, or surround the self with “white light” at the begining of the Reiki session. Note: This protection is part of the original attunement process brought to the West by Hawayo Takata. This attunement provides an automatic protection that prevents the energy from “backing up.” The Reiki practitioner who receives this attunement will not pick up “negative energy” from his or her clients. This attunement also protects the client from picking up energetic problems from the Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Practitioners Can Practice Reiki Self-Treatment

Because the Reiki practitioner is not using his or her own energy to deliver the Reiki session, he or she can provide Reiki sessions to his or herself (Reiki self-treatments), regardless of how strong his or her own personal energy level may be, and be just as effective, as any other practitioner performing the Reiki session. In Reiki, the “healer” can be his or her own healer.

Learning Reiki Is So Simple that Young Children Can Learn It

We offer a Reiki level I course especially structured for children ages 7-12. Children really enjoy learning Reiki. We keep the class material simple, but accurate. Our Reiki for Kids Workshop is offered in the summertime.

Note: Animals can also channel Reiki. It is necessary to ask the animal’s permission before attuning the animal to Reiki. We have already trained a number of “canine Reiki practitioners.”

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