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Emotionality in the Chakras & Balancing Meditation

CD Cover: Emotionality in the Chakras


($3.00 1st cd,$1.50 each add’l cd)

Emotionality in the Chakras & Balancing Meditation

Understanding and developing the body’s energy centers, the chakras, is a crucial aspect of your personal journey.

John Harvey Gray shows that the chakras can present deep insight into one’s basic emotional framework, and how that framework can be changed to enhance growth. Extending Wilhelm Reich’s theory on emotional body armor, he demonstrates that muscular tension affects the energy flow of the chakras, and thus our emotional response to every aspect of life.

Based on his vast experience of teaching over 20,000 students and many thousands of Reiki sessions, John has created a theoretical framework, showing the problems caused by imbalance, and the benefits of creating balance between the chakras.

Further, John presents a tool for change: a guided meditation to open and balance the chakras. Many students report that with consistent use, their chakras become very even and well-balanced, resulting in increased emotional stability and well-being.

John Harvey Gray & Lourdes Gray, Ph.D.
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