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NEW! The #ASKLOURDESGRAY Show will be fueled by your questions – ask Lourdes anything you want, and she will answer in video form. This Q&A Show will serve as a tremendous resource for anyone looking to learn more about Reiki, healing stones, chakras, auras, past lives and more.

#ASKLOURDESGRAY showLourdes will answer your questions with no holding back. We suggest you follow the show on Facebook as new episodes of the #ASKLOURDESGRAY Show will be posted weekly. We will also keep an archive of past episodes on this blog and in our Youtube.com Channel.

How To Ask A Question …

Please visit the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing Facebook Page. Then, in the comments section just the below top of the page, type the following: #ASKLOURDESGRAY (followed by your question).

Once Lourdes receives your question, she will reply back to let you know she has it. Then, she will start working on her answer to your question in video format. Once the video is ready, she will upload it to The John Harvey Gray Center’s Facebook Page and send you a message that your answer is ready.

What Sort of Questions Should You Ask in The #ASKLOURDESGRAY SHOW?

We welcome all questions! All questions are valuable and will help you, as well as other viewers, learn more about these important topics. There is no such thing as a ‘silly question.’ Here are some suggestions for great questions to ask:

  • Explain Reiki hand positions for general purposes and for specific conditions?
  • How to do Reiki for self-treatment?
  • How to use Reiki for recent injuries?
  • How to treat pets with Reiki?
  • How to sense and read the Chakras?
  • How to see and read Auras?
  • How to use healing crystals in a Reiki session?
  • What are past lives?
  • How to access information about your past lives?
  • and many more …

Episode 1

In this episode Lourdes presents a simple exercise that will start you seeing auras immediately


Episode 2

In this episode Lourdes explains how to release the memory of an injury from the body

Episode 3

In this episode Lourdes teaches a Reiki technique to help heal a broken heart and gently release energetic chords that keep you stuck


Episode 4

In this episode Lourdes demonstrates a Reiki protocol for treating an animal after having had a vaccination. The protocol helps minimize a negative reaction to the shot as well as remove the shock of the vaccination from the body.


Episode 5

Lourdes explains the nature of the Reiki symbols and how they work


Episode 6

In this episode Lourdes explains some optional Reiki hand positions for allergies and sinus congestion.



Episode 7

In this episode Lourdes demonstrates Reiki hand positions for someone who has suffered a stroke.

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