Selenite Healing Wand


Selenite healing wands can be used to direct high-frequency-energy into the body, stimulating healing as part of a Reiki treatment. The selenite healing wand magnifies the energies of the additional stones it carries many times.


Selenite Healing Wand a Great Companion for Reiki

A Selenite Healing wand can be used as a “Magic Wand” or “Prayer Stick” to carry your intentions and thoughts to the Higher Self and beyond. Selenite healing wands are useful tools for Reiki healers. They are ideal for purification and all types of energetic cleansing. Selenite wands are effective as “scanners” within the energy field. They dissolve blockages and allow access to knowledge of its spiritual origins!

Selenite healing wands can also be used to direct high-frequency-energy into the body, stimulating physical healing as part of a Reiki treatment. The selenite healing wand magnifies the energies of the additional stones it carries many times.

I make one-of-a-kind selenite healing wands to your specifications. After you order a wand, I will send you an email questionnaire to fill out and return. Once, I receive your questionnaire back, I will “tune into” your energy in order to find the best selenite base and mounting stones for you. I only use the highest grade selenite and stones available.

The Art of Crafting Your Selenite Healing Wand

I start creating your one-of-a-kind selenite healing wand from scratch by selecting a high grade selenite log. Then, I saw and sand a base for your wand. Once the selenite base is ready, I work with the information you provided in the email questionnaire to select the stones that best match your energy and your purpose. Next, I start mounting your stones. Mounting the stones is a slow process as the selenite base must become ready to accept the stones, one by one. Once the stones are fully mounted, and the wand is energetically ready for the next step, I anoint the wand with essential oils–your preference, or I can choose the oil the would work best with your wand. Note: If you prefer that I do not anoint the wand with essential oils, please let me know. The final step is to attune the selenite wand to the Reiki Master Energy so that it becomes a powerful healing instrument.

Each wand can take 3 to 4 weeks to be finished. The average wand is approximately 5-6 inches in length. Larger wands are available at an additional cost. For more information on larger wands or for other questions, please email me at Thank you.

For tips on how to use the Selenite Healing Wand please watch this video


  1. Linda Brezinski

    My Selenite Healing Wand arrived today! I instantly felt it’s energy as I opened the box and raised the wand! The aroma of the essential oils infused in the wand and the stones and crystals which Lourdes helps you select, based on your own personal energy, make this unique one of a kind wand incredible to use. I cleansed my aura and my home and relaxed with it laying over my heart chakra while watching TV. My whole body tingles with energy!!! I can wait to start using it during the reiki sessions I give my friends and family! Thank you Lourdes for this beautiful energy wand made just for me!

  2. Brian Brunius

    I recommend this Selenite Healing Wand enthusiastically to anyone at all! I now have two of them, and they are both extremely powerful and helpful. Following the instructions in the video, I have used the wand in all the ways Lourdes demonstrates, as well as in absent Reiki treatments, and I can absolutely attest to its effectiveness with my Reiki clients.

    In addition, there have been times I just didn’t feel well enough to put my hands on myself for a long time and give myself a treatment. Just by laying the wand over my heart or on my tummy, I feel the soothing and energizing effects within a few minutes, and after fifteen or twenty minutes I feel a lot of relief. Using this wand is like getting a full Reiki treatment without the work.

    Don’t hesitate. Just click the “Add to cart” button and order one. After using it a few times, even the greatest skeptics will have to admit they feel better with the wand than without it.

    Brian Brunius
    Reiki Practitioner
    New York, NY

  3. Anu Butani

    I received my Selenite Healing wands (2) last week! I had read about it & had seen Lourdes’s video demonstration of it! I was eagerly waiting for its arrival!
    It has been a very profound experience for me! When I opened the package & held the Wand, I felt the flow of energy! The following morning I used it in my meditation & actually FELT the depth of my energy v strongly! I have been using it since then, daily. I almost feel like carrying it with me always but am afraid of damaging it by mistake!
    I have also used it on a client & after the session, she clearly said that she felt something v powerful energetically! She felt wonderful too. She did not know anything about it!
    I recommend it highly to all! And I thank Lourdes Gray for this fabulous contribution to my Reiki Practice!
    Be well!

  4. Anu Butani

    Adding to the above review: I ordered two so that I could use one personally & the other one only for clients! Lourdes gave me this recommendation! I have been following the instructions on her video & am v thankful to her!

  5. Katherine R.

    I finally received my selenite wand today after waiting 4 weeks for it to arrive. I was so excited as I opened the package. As I held my selenite wand in my hand I immediately felt the loving healing energy flowing through my body. I decided to lay down and put the wand on my chest (heart chakra) and on my stomach (solar plexus chakra). This is perfect for me as I sometimes have a hard time with self reiki healing sessions. I feel amazing. Energized, bright, peaceful and loved. Thank you Lourdes. I cannot wait to continue learning more about reiki with your classes and I will definitely be ordering another wand soon to use on friends and family. ❤️? I am in awe with this beautiful wand you custom made for me and it’s beautiful healing energy.

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