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Reiki For Pets

Learning how to practice Reiki for pets is a favorite among students of the John Harvey Gray Reiki Center. Reiki presents us with special opportunities to bond with our furry friends and help them stay healthy and well. Most pets love getting their Reiki sessions and even “ask” for them. As your pet lourdes-gray-and-sashareceives Reiki energy, its cells, glands, organs, systems, energy bodies, aura, meridian pathways, and chakras commence a balancing and harmonizing process, helping to strengthen his or her body’s natural healing abilities.

Reiki is just as effective whether the recipient of the Reiki session is an animal, a person, or a plant. Reiki energy will work the same for all three. The difference between treating an animal with Reiki and treating a person with Reiki is only in the delivery of the Reiki session itself. In our Reiki training classes, we teach our students how to administer Reiki for pets. It would be impossible to try to encompass all of this information in one article but here are some general guidelines for delivering Reiki for pets that you may find helpful:

Introducing Your Pet to Reiki

cat reikiAnimals are very sensitive to energy. If you have just become initiated in Reiki, your pet will sense it immediately. Some pets require a bit of time to get used to the “new you” …
other pets won’t leave you alone from the very first time they sense the Reiki energy!
Whatever the situation may be for you and your pet, introduce your pet to Reiki very gradually. Let your pet sniff your hands, then give him or her praise and gentle petting. This process may take time, so be patient. Never hold down or restrain a pet that you are introducing to Reiki. If you were to do this, your pet’s mind would create a negative association to Reiki. Not only is this unfair to your pet, but afterwards this conditioning would be hard to break.

Reiki for Pets … Giving Reiki To Animals with Long Standing Conditions

introducing your pet to reikiAs Reiki practitioners we are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe. Reiki should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If your pet has a health related condition, ask your veterinarian first whether or not it would be appropriate to give Reiki to your pet.

With that said, let’s look at how to give Reiki treatments for conditions that have become chronic. Hawayo Takata, John Harvey Gray’s teacher, used to say, “if the condition is three weeks old or older, and has not healed, then the whole body becomes involved in the healing process and you must give complete Reiki treatments.” Even if the problem started as an injury … if it has not healed in three weeks time, assume that you must give complete treatments.

Reiki-hand-positions-for-animals-dogAttached is a drawing of a Reiki for pets hand position pattern (the same Reiki hand positions can be used for any four-legged animal). It has seven positions. It’s okay to reduce the number of  hand positions when treating smaller animals. Repeat the same pattern of Reiki hand positions on the other side of the animal’s body. If you are working on a very large animal, then add as many positions as you would need in order to cover the entire head, neck and torso of the animal.

You can also create optional Reiki hand positions anywhere on the animal’s body that needs energy. Use either: the “hands next to each other with thumbs touching,” “long pad with an overlap” or “hand sandwich” Reiki hand positions for this purpose. We teach all of these positions in our Reiki I class in the “Reiki for Pets” part of the class. The Reiki hands positions for humans are included in our book “Hand To Hand.

Ethics of Giving Reiki for Pets

girl giving reiki to frogWhen giving a Reiki for pets treatment you must be very respectful of the animal. Pay close attention to the signs the animal is sending you. If he or she seems uncomfortable and wants to get up, then stop the treatment. Give the animal a break, lots of praise, and wait a while before resuming the Reiki treatment.

It would not be ethical and fair to hold the animal down against his or her will. After the animal has had a break and you also are ready, resume the treatment, starting with the position located just after the position that was interrupted when you gave the animal a break.

Remember to repeat the Reiki hand positions on the opposite side of the animal’s body. At the end of the treatment, smooth the Reiki energy front head to tail three to five times. This will get the aura flow moving in the right direction.

Treating Very Sensitive Pets

hampster getting reikiSome animals are so sensitive to Reiki energy that you will need to break their Reiki treatments into short segments … two or three minutes at a time … and spread these segments out over the course of a few hours. For other animals even more sensitive, you will only be able to give them Reiki healing treatments from the aura—at a distance of 2 to 3 feet away from the physical body.

Reiki for Pets … Treatments for Animals with Recent Injuries

reiki treatment for injuryUse good common sense and follow every precaution when treating an injured animal. You don’t know how the animal will react. Reiki for pets is not a substitute for emergency veterinary care. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian before giving hands-on Reiki to an injured animal.

If you are treating an injury, treat the injury from the aura, i.e., let your hands hover about an inch over the affected part (for very sensitive animals keep your hands 2 to 3 feet above the aura). In this way you won’t have the risk of placing an uncomfortable amount of pressure over the injured area.

After you treat the injury, release the memory of the injury by giving Reiki energy to the adrenal glands. This would be “Position 5” in the Reiki hand positions for animals pattern. Refer to the drawing of the Reiki hand positions for animals, which is included in this article, and do both sides of the body.

Reiki Treatments for Injuries Are Given In 2 Parts:

  1.  Treat the affected area first—the injury; and
  2. Release the memory of the injury from the body by treating the adrenal glands. Takata said “If you are treating an injury that should have healed long ago but has not, then the body is still holding on to the memory of the injury.” Always treat the adrenal glands after surgery.
  3. Also remember, surgery is an emergency to the body. Treat the part of the body that had surgery (let your hands hover from above without touching) and then release the adrenal glands.

lourdes and horseThe length of an emergency Reiki treatment will vary according to the severity of the injury. Last summer, a treated “Faith,”a neighbor’s thoroughbred mare that was limping. “Faith” had broken out of her stall severely injuring her shoulder and right front leg. I gave the horse’s aura a quick scan and found a break in the astral matrix right over the injury. I then gave hands-on Reiki directly to the area, staying on the position until my hands cooled off … this taking about 60 minutes before my hands cooled.

lourdes and horse2I finished the treatment by releasing the memory of the injury from her adrenal glands (position number five of the Reiki hand positions for animals), taking about another 10 minutes to accomplish. Within one day after the Reiki treatment, “Faith” stopped limping. I then went back and gave her several follow up sessions in order to complete the healing process.

Giving Reiki Treatments for Miscellaneous Pets

reiki duckTreat a bird from the outside of the cage, if he is not tame. If the bird is tame you may hold the bird in your hands and treat. Adjust the positions to cover the whole body; a small animal will require fewer positions.

Treat a reptile from outside his cage … unless it is your pet and you know it is safe to hold the animal.

Treat the fish from outside the container that holds it; most commonly, this is a glass fish tank. Place your hands on the outside of the glass container. The Reiki energy will travel through the water.

Remember, if you are not sure whether or not it is safe to give the animal a hands-on Reiki treatment, it is best to give the animal a distance Reiki treatment instead.

Reiki for A Wild Perch

Reiki for pets perchFrequently during the summer, my dog Sasha and I take rides in our pontoon boat. We enjoy boating in one of the New Hampshire lakes nearby. Our favorite spot is a beautiful small set of islands surrounded by a sand bar. The water is warm and crystal clear. The views mimic those of the coastal waters off Maine. While there, I enjoy swimming while Sasha explores the little islands. Last summer, I noticed a small perch guarding its nest close to the area where we had tied our boat. I gently and slowly placed my hands in the water offering Reiki to the perch. Little by little the perch inched its way, swimming into my hands to receive a Reiki treatment. Every day for the next two weeks, this little perch swam into my hands to receive Reiki!

The little perch presented me with a beautiful gift by allowing me to give it Reiki. In Reiki we are not just working with energy, we are joining as One with Spirit. Reiki manifests itself in our lives every day, in infinite ways … not just when we are at the table giving a session, but also in the way that we relate to others, in the way we seek to be of service to all things created by Spirit … the people, the animals and the Earth …

The Human Aura

My Path To Reading The Human Aura

I first became interested in learning to see and read the human aura after completing my path to reading the human auramy Reiki I training with John Harvey Gray.  One day, while giving a Reiki treatment to a woman, I suddenly saw a bright emerald light glowing around her body.  The light continued to glow for the rest of the session.  It was such a powerful experience for me, that immediately afterwards, I called John and told him about it.  John listened attentively, and said that I must have seen that woman’s aura.  What I had seen visually was the same as the general physical vitality that I had felt kinesthetically during the scanning process prior to starting the client’s Reiki session.

What I had seen, and that which I had felt, are one and the same.  John said that the aura is are actually perceived by the mind; the perceptions come in through the senses, either visually, kinesthetically, or both.  What’s more, John continued, auras are also perceived and interpreted spiritually by the mind with the help of the Third Eye chakra.

aura in profileI thought about John’s words and meditated on them. Over the next several days, memories from my childhood began to emerge.  I remembered having the ability to see auras as a little girl.  As a child growing up in Cuba, my favorite time of day was just before dusk.  I loved being in the garden at dusk.  As the light of day dimmed, I could see multi-colored lights around the tropical flowers, plants, trees … even animals. It was a magical time for me.  Of course, at that age, I did not know that what I was seeing in the garden were the auras of living things.  Later, after coming to the United States, I got busy at once learning about my new country and forgot about my childhood abilities.  Now, through Reiki, I had found them again.  What a joyful feeling!  I was suddenly hungry to read anything written about auras.  I started practicing viewing them every chance I could.  Soon, I had regained my previous skills.

kirlian photoAs I continued to study the human aura over the next several years, I learned that the perception of auras is a natural human ability, not one that requires years of intensive spiritual study to develop.  Even though some persons believe that the ability to perceive auras is a spiritual gift granted only to a few lucky individuals, thousands of ordinary people have learned to perceive auras after having only one short lesson.

Aura Research

Australia’s leading authority on the human aura, author Judith Collins, explains that everyone is born with the ability to see auras, and infants and toddlers can see them easily.  Collins claims that although seeing auras is a form of psychic ability everyone is born with, most people repress this ability as they grow older.  She believes that the growth and development of children’s psychic abilities become stunted when adults fail to give children the needed encouragement and support in their intuitive pursuits.
The Human AtmosphereEven when the mind represses the ability to perceive auras, most people are able to regain it.

Learning to see and read the human aura is a learnable skill.  Both Collins, and Englishman Walter Kilner, who practiced medicine in the early 1900s, have taught hundreds of people to see auras.  Dolores Krieger, co-founder of Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki Master, John Harvey Gray, have taught thousands of people to perceive auras kinesthetically.  In  2004, I created a one-day course called “Learn to See Auras” and began to hold aura classes at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing.  The course includes research from my Parapsychology Ph.D. thesis.

Keep in mind that spiritual development enhances a person’s ability to perceive the human aura by allowing them to have a greater awareness of its subtleties.  The quality of aura interpretation is relative to the observer’s degree of spiritual awareness.  The development of the Brow chakra, also known as the Third Eye chakra, is a crucial part of this process.

Walter KilnerMany aura readers do not engage in advanced spiritual practices, nor are they involved in metaphysics or the occult.  For instance, Kilner, who taught himself and others to see auras, had no special psychic abilities or metaphysical training, yet he accurately diagnosed hundreds of patients based on aura readings alone.  At first, he worked with color filters to enhance the eye’s ability to see auras.  Later, he found using the filters to be no longer necessary.  Kilner meticulously documented cases of dozens of patients whose signs of health problems were indicated in their auras.  Kilner wrote two books on the subject of perception of auras:  The Human Atmosphere in 1911, and The Human Aura in 1920.  Details contained in both of the books have made a significant contribution to understanding how the human eye is able to detect auras.

The physiology of the human eye plays an important role in the viewing of auras.  Some of today’s most effective aura teachers have used this knowledge to teach students to see auras. Once you know what to look for auras are very easy to see.

unknownHow The Human Aura Appears

The human aura appears as fluctuations of light around an individual.  In other words, light refracts or bends as it moves from the air and through the body’s energy field, or aura, causing white light to break into its individual components and creating the rainbow effect.  This is what makes the human aura visible under certain conditions.  The fluctuations caused by the bending of light cannot be distinguished by using regular vision alone.  Instead, they can only be observed by utilizing both regular and peripheral vision simultaneously, while the person being observed is in an environment suitable for observation.

Most people can learn to see the human aura by following these four steps:

  1. Understanding how the human eye sees color and light.
  2. Understanding what makes the aura visible.
  3. Setting up exercises where all the criteria needed for observing auras exist.
  4. Practicing techniques to help relax the vision while observing the aura.

woman-man-silhouette-aura-chakras-energy-17373784The aura is not always visible.  People subconsciously retract their auras when they feel inhibited, or are unreceptive, or afraid.  (I always know which of the students are paying attention in class by looking at their auras.)  The aura is most visible when the person being observed is at ease and emotionally open.

In addition, the aura is rarely seen as an envelope surrounding the entire body of the person or other living thing being observed.  Most of the time, the aura presents itself in small sections that both appear and disappear in a rhythm of their own.  The fact that the aura often appears in several sections and not in one piece, contradicts popular belief and often confuses novice aura viewers.
Reading auras visually is easy and learning to read  auras through the sense of touch is even easier to learn.  Energy healers such as Dolores Krieger and John Harvey Gray have taught thousands of students to perceive auras through the sense of touch.

Learning to perceive auras through the sense of touch involves feeling the aura with the hands and fingertips.  This is easy to learn because the hands and fingertips, rich in sensory nerves, are capable of transmitting an abundance of information about the aura to the brain.

Visual and kinesthetic aura reading methods are incomplete on their own.  Visual methods are fascinating, but due to the limitations of human sight, do not represent the entire aura.  Human eyes can only see the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e., from red, at 770 nm to blue at 380 nm.

electromagnetic spectrum

The aura contains a much wider range of frequencies, from infrared 2000 nm to near ultraviolet 300 nm.  Tactile methods are more thorough, but lack the excitement provided by the visual method. To truly see and read auras, one must combine both and ultimately learn to develop his or her own spiritual sight.  Once a person develops their spiritual sight, he or she is able to observe and interpret auras under any situation or condition.

25 Years of Reiki

virginia slepIn the spring of 1991, I became a Reiki practitioner under John Gray. That’s a quarter of a century of Reiki!! It’s time to tell my story.

I took Reiki I with John at Interface, in Watertown, Massachusetts.   I was impressed with how strict John was, and how careful he was to be certain that each student did the whole process correctly. We had so much practice time, and John was meticulous in his insistence that each hand position be correct. I was especially impressed by John’s story of Hawayo Takata, and how carefully she had taught him.

After I learned Reiki I, I joined the Reiki Wellness Center that was run by John and his Reiki practitioners. We would meet each Tuesday evening in Watertown from 7 – 9 p.m., and we did two sessions of Reiki on about twelve clients. I loved the work, and I enjoyed the company of the other practitioners… the only problem was that during each session, I would get light-headed and dizzy, and feel like I was going to faint. I would have to go sit outside on the steps for a while until the world stopped spinning.

I recall sitting there the first time it happened, wondering if this Reiki stuff was worth it, and if I was going to be able to drive home safely … when John came out and sat on the step beside me. He started talking to me very quietly: ” It’s okay, Virginia. Just breathe. It’s just your body getting used to the energy. It’s all going to be all right. Takata is here helping you… I can feel her presence… and Dr. Usui is here too, helping you. It will be all right.” It took weeks for the problem to go away, and I’ve never forgotten John’s kind encouragement. Each time it happened he would come outside and just sit there, talking quietly to me, reassuring me, until I recovered.

Eventually I noticed that John would always take sips of water — or coffee — while he was doing Reiki.  He said it helped break up the flow of energy. I hadn’t thought the energy might need breaking up — but I decided to try that. It worked, and I’ve never had a problem since I started drinking water while I do a session.   It If it hadn’t been for John’s support, I probably would never have continued with Reiki. But in the fall I took Reiki II, and the real adventure started.

virgina-and-greyhoundsOne night, my beloved greyhound Nick was hit by a car right in front of our house. I carried him into the house, laid him on the floor, and started doing Reiki. I was so upset that I couldn’t even think straight, and he was clearly in shock, so I just asked my guides and all the Ascended Reiki Masters for help.   I covered his whole body with Reiki for about forty-five minutes. Then, at the end of that time, he got up, walked to his water bowl, drank it dry, then went to his bed, curled up, and went to sleep. In the morning, he was fine.

Another time, I was out walking Nick when I fell and sprained my ankle badly. I couldn’t walk at all. My friend ran home to get her car and come get me, and while she was gone I put one hand on my ankle and just sent Reiki into it. The next day I went to the ER, thinking the ankle might be broken, and when I took off my sock, the doctor was shocked: over the sprain was the perfect outline of a hand, each finger clearly outlined, in normal flesh tone, … and the rest of my foot was a lurid purple. He asked what in the world was going on, so I showed him that the outline perfectly fit my hand, and told him about doing Reiki on it.

Since then, I’ve used Reiki on just about everything you can think of. When birds fly into our kitchen windows and lie stunned on the porch, I send them Reiki through the window… and soon they get up and fly away. I do Reiki on my African violet leaves when I’m trying to get them to take root;   I do Reiki on my car each time I get behind the wheel. My hands are on the wheel anyway… might as well send some Reiki into it. If I’m working in my garden and I damage a worm, I do a bit of Reiki on it. I use the scanning techniques John taught me to scan the energy of plants I’m about to buy… might as well take the one with the strongest energy field!

I’ve always remembered John’s advice: when you’re sitting, never let your hands lie palm up… always place them palms down somewhere on your body. No point in wasting the energy, he used to say!!

One of my favorite Reiki stories involves my grandson, Aaron. When my daughter-in-law announced that she was pregnant, I started sending Reiki to this tiny being, my first grandchild-to-be. During her entire pregnancy, I sent a brief absent treatment each evening.   My husband and I went to North Carolina to see this new baby for the first time when he was one month old. His mom put him in my arms. I held him and and sent some Reiki to him… and he looked right at me, and smiled for the first time. It was so clear that he recognized the energy, and made the connection… “Oh! I know who you are!! I know that energy!!”

In 2004-2005, I took the Reiki Master Practitioner training with John and Lourdes. What a wonderful experience that was!! I so respected John for his strict adherence to Reiki traditions and practices; and I came to admire and respect Lourdes for her willingness to explore and experiment, for being so open to possibilities and ways of making Reiki work.

IMG_0493-150x150Lourdes taught me that if you have even a tiny piece of something, it’s the same as if you have the entire person/item right there. So each winter when my ancient rhododendrons are threatened by extreme temperature fluctuations, I take a leaf from each one and spend a few minutes each winter evening doing a bit of Reiki on them. They’re thriving.

Right now, our enormous maples are threatened by winter moths eating all their leaves… so last week I took a small piece of bark from each of them, and I do Reiki on the whole tree — all of them together — this way.

Lourdes taught us the technique for Walking the Dead, and I’ve been able to use this as a spirit releasement technique on my clients. It works wonderfully. I’m a Clinical Hypnotist, and I tried putting some of my clients in a light hypnotic trance state and then doing Reiki on them. I found it’s amazing how much more easily the Reiki energy flows into the body this way… and Lourdes was so interested to hear about my experiences, and so open to trying it herself.

Last summer, I was at an international conference for hypnotists, and I met a woman from Pennsylvania, a nurse/professor who is also a Reiki Practitioner by someone I didn’t know.  We got to talking about how Reiki has become so diluted by Reiki “Masters” who teach it incorrectly, and turn out practitioners who don’t know what they’re doing. I said that I was always so thankful I had studied under John and Lourdes Gray, and she interrupted: “JOHN GRAY !? You studied with JOHN GRAY???!!! Oh, my goodness!! You really do know what you’re doing, don’t you?! WOW!!”

And thanks to John and Lourdes, she was right: I’m proud to say that I studied with them, and I really do know what I’m doing!

Virginia Slep,

Reiki Master, Ph.D.





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Secrets of the Knee Sub-chakra

knee sub-chakrasAlas! The knee sub-chakra … you won’t find volumes dedicated to this minor chakra but for those who take the time to learn to read it, many secrets are revealed. The energy of the knee sub-chakra is related to the hemispheres of the brain. The knee sub-chakra does not have a major effect on the physical body. By learning how to read the knee sub-chakra you can become more effective in helping others as you discover how they process information. The knee sub-chakras tells us which side of the brain is dominant for that person.

brain hemispheresThe left and the right hemispheres of the brain process information in different ways. The right side of the brain helps us with the intuitive, feminine, yin, creative, non-verbal  information. The left hemisphere is focused on the verbal, analytical, linear, yang, masculine processing. Although we use both sides of the brain to process information as a whole, usually one side is a little bit stronger than the other. The knee sub-chakra can show us which side of the brain is dominant.

Note: Remember, the hemispheres of the brain cross to control the opposite side of the body. When you are scanning the “right” knee you are actually assessing the “left” side of the brain. When scanning the “left” knee you are assessing the “right” side.

How To Scan The Knee Sub-chakras

scanning knee sub-chakrasTo find the knee sub-chakra, locate the knee cap (patella), cover it with your hand, then raise your hand 4-5 inches directly above it and move your hand in a circular direction for about 10 seconds …  you will feel a concentration of energy there. It could feel like heat, tingling or pressure. You are feeling the knee sub-chakra.

Now, repeat the same process with the other knee and compare the “feeling” from one knee to the other. Now, notice if one knee’s energy is stronger than the other. The stronger knee sub-chakra indicates which side of the brain is dominant. If both knee sub-chakras feel equally strong, then you can suspect both sides of the brain are in balance, which by the way, is ideal.

Something you’ll want to keep in mind is that the knee sub-chakra is smaller than the 7 principal chakras, that is smaller than the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower abdominal and root. Principal chakras are approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The sub-chakras are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter, but at the same time, they are very easy to locate and identify.

The Knee Sub-Chakra and Reiki

Always remember to give Reiki to the knees as part of a complete Reiki session. We usually treat the knees while in the 3rd Reiki pattern (back of the torso) as this helps to ground the energy that has been delivered and prepare the client for completing the Reiki session. If the client has serious leg or knee problems, spend more time over the knee sub-chakras. You can also sandwich each knee between your hands, and treat one a time. This will increase the flow of energy at the knees. By treating the knees you are activating the power of both hemispheres of the brain. You helping both sides of the brain to work synchronistically. This will help you with the ability to retain knowledge better and become more proficient in many ways … including but not limited to your intuition, creativity, art, and music.

Treating the Adrenal Glands with Reiki

Hawayo Takata

Hawayo Takata

Treating the adrenal glands with Reiki is an important topic with our students and in this post we present you with an audio recording and transcript (created as accurately as possible) of Hawayo Takata explaining this type of Reiki treatment.

It is helpful to learn what Takata (as she liked to be called), taught about using Reiki for treating the adrenals, and of the important role they play in relation to an injury, physical or emotional.

Our goal is to make this information available to the Reiki community in order to provide more clarity and a deeper understanding of the use and practice of Reiki.

(Note: Reiki for Treating The Adrenal Glands and Transcript are protected by US and International Copyright Laws. Copyright 2016. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Transcript: Reiki for Treating the Adrenal Glands

Question: Rev. Beth Gray: How do you go about treating the adrenals?

Hawayo Takata: The adrenal glands are the shock absorbers of the body. So, not only when you are frightened but even if you anger, if you anger (you should treat). And you, then you become create the fear. And the adrenal glands are have to go, right to the adrenal glands.

They (the adrenal glands) are above the kidneys; sitting, like a V-shaped gland above the kidneys. And this is very important (to treat) in (case of) accident. And when you, take care of these adrenal glands when you have an accident, then your accident is completely, could be healed.

But if you do not take care of the adrenal glands, what happens after one year or year and a half, You know, at the beginning they have (Takata provides an example here) this iron collar, whiplash, four and five months. But then after they take the collar off they said, “I am funny here. I am not the same person.” Then they always blame and say, “I don’t feel well after the accident. I may look good. But, no, I don’t feel the same.” And that means the adrenal glands has never been treated and released of the shock.

Note: Takata always emphasized the importance of administering Reiki to the adrenal glands whenever experiencing high levels of stress, such as after an injury or surgery, and also during periods of high emotional or mental stress.

adrenal glandsThe adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and are vital to our wellbeing. They play a very important role in producing the hormones that we need, especially during times of stress. Reiki can help the adrenal glands recover after experiencing a highly stressful event such as an injury, surgery, the memory of birth trauma for a baby … or any strong negative emotion, such as anger or fear by releasing the “memory” of the incident from the body.

The process is very easy if you apply the technique while the “memory” of the injury is still active. To release the shock from the adrenal glands, place your hands over each adrenal gland and give Reiki for approximately 10 minutes or until you feel a drop in the energy flow.


Aquamarine: Throat Chakra Power Stone

Aquamarine — Throat Chakra Power Stone and Healing Partner to Reiki

Aquamarine ClusterAquamarine is one of the major power stones and a great healing partner to Reiki. It is the stone of courage, determination, strength, communication, and success. Use is during a Reiki session to enhance creative self-expression and to help those burdened with great responsibility by bringing strength and clarity of mind.
Aquamarine is a variety of beryl and is attuned to the ocean and provides those who meditate with it a soothing calming energy. Have it near you during your Reiki meditations.

Aquamarine protects those who travel on water. Carry it on your person in a pouch or as a bracelet, pendant or ring.

Aquamarine and Lapis Bracelet

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It releases anxiety, restlessness and fights depression. As a throat chakra stone, aquamarine is excellent for enhancing and aiding all types of communication. It stimulates, activates, and cleanses the throat chakra as well as the two upper chakras (brow and crown).

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for reaching the higher spiritual levels, and at the same time, remaining centered and grounded.

Aquamarine is the stone of service to the planet. It brings success in any goal by helping you stay focused and persistent on your goal. It is helpful for conditions of the throat, spleen, heart, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes.

Cleansing Your Stone

Aquamarine LotAquamarine loves to be cleansed in water! Place your crystal under cold running water from your sink or facet. Hold it under the running water for 10 to 30 seconds. If it has a terminated end, it should be pointing downwardly as you rinse the crystal in order to disperse the negative energy. Afterwards, gently pat the crystal dry.

Placing your crystal (securely) in a stream (or river), or in the ocean surf is an excellent way or cleansing this stone.

Charging your stone with Reiki

Cleanse your crystal first. Next, place each of your hands approximately one inch away from the crystal(s) and imagine a current of Reiki healing energy moving through your hands and filling up the crystal(s). Now, imagine the crystal(s) glowing with Reiki healing energy and hold your hands in position as you continue to imagine the energy flow for approximately 10 minutes.

Reiki for Eye Conditions

Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray

Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray. Copyright 2016. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Reiki for Eye Conditions is a very popular topic with our students and in this post we present you with an audio recording and transcript (created as accurately as possible) of Hawayo Takata explaining this type of Reiki treatment. It is helpful to learn what Takata (as she liked to be called), taught about using Reiki for eye conditions in order to gain more clarity and a deeper understanding of the use and practice of Reiki. Because Reiki has been largely passed on as an oral tradition, it has been vulnerable to changes and omissions.

(Note: Reiki for Eye Conditions Audio Recording and Transcript are protected by US and International Copyright Laws. Copyright 2016. Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Transcript: Reiki for Eye Conditions

Question: I worked on my husband’s eyes for six days and all thought he felt things happening while I was working on him, his eyes did not improve, why? What can I do?

Hawayo Takata: Yes, because you did not treat all the glands of the body that cause—Reiki is the cause and effect, cause and effect. She treated perhaps only the affected part. But she forgot to treat the cause. And what is the cause is you have to treat one, two, three, four, and also the back, the complete treatment.

Because there are glands that are—especially if it’s a lady, it is the ovarian glands; and if it’s a man it’s the prostatic glands that need the treatment.

And she treated perhaps only the eyes. And in the eyes, you don’t have to treat only the eyes. (Reiki treatment for the eyes include:) Eyes, number one, number two on the side (temples), and number three on the back (occipital area–back of the head). (treating all three positions) One, two, three, that completes the eyes And so, try it again.

And then try it on the whole body and remove the cause. And also, it’s the diet. If you have not one, two cups of coffee, don’t hurt anybody. It’s a pleasure perhaps to take a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, but when you take fourteen to fifteen cups a day, then it deteriorates your kidney. I don’t care who says what. It’s not good for you; too much caffeine. And tea also, but when you drink tea, try it and go to the health food stores and get some good herb teas, that makes, that will cleanse you. It is a toxin in your system that deteriorates your body.

Note: According to John Harvey Gray, Hawayo Takata taught her students to always give complete (full body) Reiki treatments whenever treating long standing conditions. Takata often spoke of how the whole body is involved in the healing process when dealing with long-standing/chronic problems and of the importance of treating the entire body and not just the symptom areas. A Reiki treatment for eye conditions should include Reiki hand positions for the entire body and the 3 Reiki hand positions for the eyes: eyes, temples, and back of the head.



We are doing a series of posts on the best stones to carry in your Reiki crystal first aid kit.  Rhodonite is right at the top of the list. Rhodonite is the stone of compassion and emotional balance. Its energy frequency resonates with the heart chakra. It is the stone of self-love, self-forgiveness, emotional balance. This stone promotes calm in dangerous or upsetting situations.

Rhodonite Properties and Usage

rhodoniteRhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past. It is one of the best stone for treating physical injuries. In cases of physical injuries, seek medical attention when needed. After applying first aid to the area, apply the rhodonite stone directly over the injury. Hold the stone in your hands as you apply Reiki to the area.

Rhodonite nurtures love, stimulates, clears and activates the heart chakra. It grounds and protects your energy bodies. It balances your yin and yang polarities. It helps you achieve your highest potential. It heals emotional shock and panic. Use rhodonite for cases of emotional self-destruction. Also, in cases of codependency and abuse. This stone promotes the ability to remain calm in dangerous or upsetting situations. Carrying a piece of rhodonite with you or wearing a rhodonite bracelet is very helpful when confidence is needed. Use it also when you need to bring about clarity and alleviate confusion.

Cleansing Your Stones

Proper cleansing of stones is very important for their ability to work properly for you. There are many ways of cleansing stones. One of the simplest way is to rinse the stone under cold running water for approximately 3 minutes. Allow the cold water to run over the stone. This will discharge any stagnant energy it may carry. Afterwards, pat the stone dry with a paper towel. Note: Some stones such as selenite and blue kyanite are self cleansing and should not be washed.

Charging Your Stone with Reiki

Stones can be charged with Reiki. The healing effects of Reiki and the healing properties of the stone work synergistically to produce powerful results. After properly cleansing your stone, place it between your hands and charge it with Reiki for approximately 10 minutes.

How Often Should You Cleanse and Charge Your Stones?

You should cleanse and charge your stones according to how often you use them. If you are using your stones daily, cleanse and charge them daily. Otherwise, cleansing and charging the stones once or twice per week should be sufficient.

Learn more about Rhodonite and many other stones at our upcoming Reiki Crystal Healing Certification.


Emotional Set Points

What are Emotional Set Points?

emotional set points represented by happy, unhappy and neutral facesAn “Emotional Set Point” is a term created by John Harvey Gray to describe the emotional memories that develop in babyhood and early childhood. These memories follow us for the rest of our lives. They are created as we interact with the people in our lives. These include our parents, brothers and sisters, other family members, other children, and teachers. Emotional set points can be positive or negative. Emotional set points of love, confidence, and happiness are each examples of  positive ones. Anger, sadness, and anxiety are examples of the negative kind. As we go through life, we may not consciously remember the triggers that created our emotional set points. However, they’re still there!

We teach in our Reiki 1 classes that when a stressful situation happens that subconsciously reminds us of one of our emotional set points, emotions are triggered. When the situation passes, our emotions subside. This is normal. Then, when life again brings along another stressful situation, the emotions rise again. When the new situation passes the emotions again subside. These emotional ups and downs create waves of emotions that tend to stay with us throughout our lives. These emotional waves are normal for most of us. The problem begins when many stressful situations occur at the same time. This can change the emotional wave into a straight line. The straight line of negative emotional set points can then communicate to the body. It’s well known that angry people have more heart attacks. People with a set point of sadness are more vulnerable to catching an infectious condition.

A friend of mine, told me her story of never attending kindergarten and how that affected her life. She didn’t know until recently that it is in kindergarten that children bond with each other. Children who are deprived of attending kindergarten have a more difficult time relating to people throughout their lives. Not having attended kindergarten had created a negative emotional set point for my friend.

How Emotional Set Points Affect The Chakras

Reiki healing for chakras and emotional set pointsChakras are energy wheels of approximately one inch and a half in diameter. There are 7 principal chakras located along the midline of the body. Chakras perform 2 main functions: 1.)  Chakras provide us with energy to supplement what we receive from the food we eat and the air we breathe. 2.) Muscles surrounding the chakras hold  emotional memories. According to John Harvey Gray’s theory of Emotionality in the Chakras, it is the muscles surrounding the chakras, and not the chakras themselves, that hold the emotional memories, the emotional set points. When a person experiences a series of strong negative emotions, the body intuitively hardens those muscles in order to protect itself from feeling the emotion. This response creates a tourniquet effect around the corresponding chakra lowering its energy. Then, the glands and organs that receive their signal from that chakra would not be getting enough life force from the outside. This could create a greater vulnerability to future problems.

 Reiki Helps To Heal Emotional Set Points

Reiki is a harmonizing and balancing energy. Reiki works with the healing wisdom of the body. It is perhaps the gentlest of all healing energies. Reiki helps to balance the body at all levels. This includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As we apply Reiki to ourselves, using Reiki self healing, also known as Reiki self treatment, and continue to practice regularly, over time, Reiki helps to heal our negative emotional set points. We must always remember to be patient. Reiki acts only when we are ready to receive. It never forces change, yet waits patiently for the right time, the moment when we are ready, to do its work. Reiki addresses the root cause, healing the old emotional set points and restoring balance and health to the self. The process is very simple.

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Selenite a Calming and Balancing Stone for Reiki Healing

Selenite wand

Selenite is a great partner for Reiki healing because of the many ways by which it can be used. It is considered a very high-energy crystal and at the same time it also regarded as a very calming stone. Use it during a Reiki session to bring calm and balance to your client.

In meditation, it connects the user with his or her inner truth. It is used to calm and clear the troubled or confused mind. It is used for the advancement of the mind and its mental powers. It aids in telepathy, scrying (crystal ball reading) and astral projection. (Note: Do not soak selenite in water. Selenite is self-cleansing. You do not need to cleanse it.)

Selenite is a variety of gypsum composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. It quickly activates the Third Eye, Crown Chakra and Transpersonal Point. The intensity of energy delivered by Selenite is greater than any other stone for the upper Chakras, yet it is very gentle and safe to use along with a Reiki treatment. Selenite placed in any room will quickly cleanse the area of all negative energies, filling it with positive, healing and protective energies.

Selenite Wands

A wand pointed at the Third Eye during a Reiki treatment sends energy that can feel like a gust of wind going through the forehead and out the top of the head. Selenite instantly cleanses the auric field and clears negative energies from ones physical and Etheric Bodies and can be used during the scanning process prior to giving a Reiki session.  Placing a wand along ones back, during the 3rd Reiki pattern, along the length of the spine, one can achieve an energetic alignment of the vertebrae and the Chakras as well.

These wands can also be used to direct high-frequency-energy into the body, stimulating physical healing as part of a Reiki treatment. When one attaches other stones to selenite wands, their energies are magnified many times.

The wands can be used as “Magic Wands” or “Prayer Sticks” which carry one’s intentions and thoughts to the Higher Self and beyond. These are useful tools for Reiki healers as they are ideal for purification and all types of energetic cleansing. Selenite wands are effective as “scanners” within the energy field, as they dissolve any blockage and allow one access to knowledge of its spiritual origins!

I make one of a kind selenite wands. If you are interested in purchasing a wand made specially for you, please send me, Lourdes, an email and I’ll be happy to make you one.


The video below presents a short lesson on how to use the wand in a Reiki session.

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