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Reiki Classes

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reiki classes

The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing has become recognized and acknowledged as a leader in the field of Reiki training and energy healing for its commitment to excellence in Reiki training education. Reiki Classes at The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing range from beginner Reiki 1 Class (Reiki First Degree) to Reiki Master.

All of our Reiki classes are designed to support our students wherever they are being guided on their personal life path. At our Reiki classes, students learn how to use Reiki with confidence and treat any condition effectively, physical, emotional, or spiritual, for people, animals and even for plants.

Reiki students learn proper hand positions.

Reiki students learn proper hand positions.

The knowledge and experience of both John Harvey Gray and Dr. Lourdes Gray has been distilled into a highly acclaimed and effective curriculum that provides students with a profound understanding of Reiki energy healing techniques and powerful Reiki training tools for self-development at our Reiki classes.

“… Our Reiki classes are not just theory and slide shows,” Explains Lourdes. “50% of our curriculum consists of supervised hands-on Reiki practice to help you the Reiki student, develop the level of knowledge, skill, confidence and experience necessary to use Reiki effectively and bring healing comfort, balance and calm to yourself, family, friends, clients and pets. What’s more, you will receive lots of individual attention at our Reiki classes. Our typical student-teacher ratio is approximately 2:1!”

Lourdes and her team of of Reiki Master Assistants will insure that all of your learning needs are throughly met at our Reiki classes and you receive all of the individual training attention you deserve.

“This class was excellent in every way. Lourdes is a strong and effective communicator. The material presented is relevant and easily assimilated because it is broken into smaller segments. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in the Reiki process. It is amazing!” — Peg Hassey, Teacher, Hudson, NH


Reiki 1 Class

Designed for the beginner Reiki student. In this class you will develop your natural intuitive powers and learn to scan and feel a person’s aura and chakras as well as the Reiki energy as it flows. You will learn how to treat any condition, physical, emotional and spiritual for people, animals and plants and become attuned to the first level of Reiki energy…

Reiki 2 Class

The next step to advance you along in your Reiki journey. Learn how to access additional power in your treatments, use Reiki to heal emotional problems, and send Reiki from a distance…


Reiki 2 Advanced Class

This Advanced Second Degree Reiki class takes what you have learned in the previous two Reiki classes to a higher level that prepares you for the Reiki Master training…

Reiki Master

Learn a wealth of Reiki master-level techniques including how to use the Reiki Master Energy and how to administer the Reiki healing attunement to your clients.  This course will significantly expand your ability to help yourself and others using Reiki…

Walking the Dead

Learn advanced Reiki techniques to assist individuals who are either getting ready to transition out of this life, or have already died, but have not left the Earth Plane …

Reiki Crystal Healing

In this workshop you will learn how to utilize crystals and Reiki healing energy as powerful tools to balance the mind, body and spirit …

Learn to See Auras

The aura is an extension of our physical body. In this workshop, you will learn how to see and read the auras around people, trees, and objects…

Past Life Regressions

This experiential workshop will lead you through a series of past life regressions by taking you to three previous lives selected by your subconscious…

Reiki Class for Children

Give your child the gift of Reiki! This is a Reiki 1 Class specifically designed for children five to twelve years of age. The class is both playful and fun but accurate…

All Reiki Classes Taught Personally by Center’s Director Lourdes Gray

All classes at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing are taught personally by Dr. Lourdes Gray, Director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing.

lourdes-and-mickieLourdes, a highly experienced, charismatic and gifted Reiki Master Teacher, received all of her Reiki training from her late husband John Harvey Gray, the longest-practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the West.

Lourdes brings to the classes many years of deep, concentrated training with John Harvey Gray as well as more than 20 years of practicing Reiki and teaching over 1,200 Reiki classes either alone or side-by-side with John Harvey Gray and training more than 15,000 Reiki students nationwide.

In 2008, John Harvey Gray officially designated Dr. Lourdes Gray as his sole “Reiki Lineage Bearer” and named her “the most qualified teacher in the John Harvey Gray System of Reiki Training.” Along with her late husband John Harvey Gray, Lourdes co-authored their best selling book Hand To Hand: The longest Practicing Reiki Master Tells His Story.

Ongoing FREE E-mail and Phone Support

Receiving ongoing support after the class is over is important for your continuing development as a Reiki healer. You will have confidence and security knowing that if questions were to arise in your Reiki practice, you have a knowledable and experienced teacher to turn to for help. We will provide you with ongoing e-mail and phone support FREE of charge for as long as you need it.

Why Are Some of Your Reiki Training Classes Two Days Instead of One?

Practicing Reiki at our Reiki ClassesReiki training is not standardized. Reiki training varies widely from teacher to teacher. Our Reiki I Training, Reiki II Training and Reiki II Advanced Training classes require two days of training each because it would be impossible to present all of the knowledge, skills, and techniques contained in each of these Reiki courses in just one day.

If we were to cut the training time to just one day, we would be leaving out 1/2 of the training, which unfortunately is what often happens in one day classes where students are left unsure and confused.

At the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing we teach only authentic Reiki training classes with “no-cut corners” continuing the tradition established by Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray for their classes.

Our Reiki classes are conveniently located both at our main Reiki Center in Jaffrey, NH and at Belmont, MA in the Boston, MA area.

Jaffrey, NHJaffrey, NH is nestled at the base of famous Grand Monadnock Mountain.  With its three sparkling lakes, rolling countryside, and magic beauty of village greens, Jaffrey is well known as being an outstanding vacation destination all year long.  This is a town of spectacular natural beauty and outstanding opportunities for recreation and education. Next town over is Rindge, NH home of the world famous Cathedral of the Pines, a favorite stop for visitors to this area. cathedral of the pinesJaffrey is conveniently located one hour’s drive from Interstate 495, Worcester, MA, Concord, NH, Brattleboro, NH and Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH.

Greyhound Bus offers daily transportation for only $59 from NYC to Keene, NH, which is just a short drive from Jaffrey. Please check out this list of great accommodations in or near Jaffrey.


Our Usui Reiki trainings classes are authentic, thorough and complete, and presented exactly as Hawayo Takata, the woman who brought Reiki to the United States, and John Harvey Gray, the longest practicing Reiki Master Teacher, taught them for many years.


“This was the most powerful and well run workshop I’ve attended in a long time. Lourdes and all the assistants were phenomenal. I’m astounded by the 1:2 ratio of assistants to students.”

Lindsay Welch
Personal Development Coach
Gloucester, MA

“Lourdes is an amazing, compassionate, thorough teacher and practitioner. I have learned a lot and intend to continue with Lourdes due to her loving nature and deep knowledge of the lineage of Reiki.”

Diane M. Lavin, R.N., MSN
Pediatric Nurse Manager
Auburn, MA

“Lourdes, thank you for this effective time of education and training. It was personally healing and professionally inspiring. I look forward to continuing my studies with you”

Rev. Lael Atkinson,
Pastor, Payson Park Church
United Church of Christ
Belmont, MA

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John Harvey Gray & Lourdes Gray, Ph.D.
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